Subject: Segmentation fault for idle2.2 of python2.2
To: None <>
From: Gan Uesli Starling <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/01/2003 14:48:36
Perry E. Metzger wrote:
> I'd ask about it on tech-pkg

> Gan Uesli Starling <> writes:
>>Gan Uesli Starling wrote:
>>>Happens on idle2.2 package for python2.2 on
>>>one of three NetBSD machines. Have been through
>>>step by step using the Python debugger with much
>>>help from Python-help mailing list. But they can
>>>identify nothing amiss. The Python folks say they
>>>have seen no such problem on any Linux box. They
>>>say Idle uses only Tcl/Tk and Python. So should
>>>not likely seg fault.
>>>I remember that some time back when I first
>>>started toying with Python, I had to do it only
>>>on Win2K because idle would not run on ANY of the
>>>three NetBSD boxes. Now it runs on two but not
>>>the laptop which has most HD space and RAM...the
>>>one I need it most on.
>>>Idle will seg-fault from command line as idle2.2
>>>and from Python command line as PyShell.main().
>>>Using the Python debugger I can step through about
>>>a zillion clicks and watch the Tk window build and
>>>populate its pull-down menus. Then at the end it
>>>will seg fault. Every time, but only on one machine:
>>>the Gateway Solo. The Gateway has the same neomagic
>>>video chip as the ThinkPad 380Z on which idle runs
>>>Am running NetBSD 1.6 on all three. Both the Gateway
>>>laptop and the Celeron tower are similarly dual-boot
>>>for NetBSD and Win2K with a shared data partition.
>>>Both the Gateway Solo and the ThinkPad 380Z have the
>>>same video chips and nearly identical XFree86 setups.
>>>I have mostly the same packages on all three boxes,
>>>the same WM, the same .cshrc, the same /etc/mk.conf.
>>>I have done 'make update' on python22 and idle both.
>>>Am very stumped. Anybody else seen this? Got any
>>Last night I did 'make update' from pkgsrc on every
>>package listed as 'requires' for both python2.2 and
>>idle2.2. And even so, idle2.2 still crashes with a
>>segmentation fault and a core file.
>>All other packages which I use on this laptop work
>>without crashing just like on the other two. I run
>>Mozilla, Java, Nedit, Perl, etc. on this box with no
>>problem. The hardware is practically new as previous
>>difficulties in building Perl led me to buy a whole
>>new chassis, motherboard and all for it (Gateway
>>surplus for discontinuedm model). Since then, all has
>>gone well until this thing with idle2.2.
>>Hoping for clues,

Please reply to as I am not on the
tech-pkg list. Thank you.


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