Subject: Re: cannot open
To: None <>
From: Jan Schaumann <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/28/2003 10:15:39
Dave <> wrote:
> Every now and then after doing a sup on my pkgsrc tree, I'll do
> "lintpkgsrc -i" and get something like the following:
> Scanning pkgsrc Makefiles: ............Cannot open
> '/usr/pkgsrc/emulators/suse64_glx/../../' (from
> /usr/pkgsrc/emulators/suse64_glx/Makefile): No such file or directory
> 3714 packages                          
> Version mismatch: 'docbook' 4.2nb2 vs 4.2nb3
> Version mismatch: 'glut' 5.0 vs 3.4.2
> [snip]
> It always seems to be a '.' where a '/' should be.

Yes, that was my fault.  Andrew Brown fixed it in rev  1.5.


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