Subject: Re: devel/autoconf compilation error.
To: Dan Reed <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/25/2003 08:25:49
On Mon, Mar 24, 2003 at 11:24:12PM -0800, Dan Reed wrote:
> autoconf.texi:70: Unknown command `copying'.
> autoconf.texi:94: Unmatched `@end'.
> autoconf.texi:145: Unknown command `insertcopying'.
> autoconf.texi:3802: Unknown command `verbatim'.
> autoconf.texi:3817: Misplaced {.
> autoconf.texi:3821: Misplaced }.
> autoconf.texi:3823: Bad argument to `end', `verbatim', using `defmac'.
> autoconf.texi:3823: Unmatched `@end'.
> autoconf.texi:4281: Unknown command `verbatim'.
> autoconf.texi:4298: Bad argument to `end', `verbatim', using `defmac'.
> autoconf.texi:4298: Unmatched `@end'.
> autoconf.texi:4519: Unknown command `verbatim'.
> autoconf.texi:4526: Unmatched `@end'.
> autoconf.texi:7739: Unknown command `verbatim'.
> autoconf.texi:7747: Unmatched `@end'.
> makeinfo: Removing output file `' due to errors; use --force to
> preserve.

Do you have texinfo-4.* installed?
If so, does 'make clean; make' help?

If not, does changing
	TEXINFO_REQD=           4.0
	TEXINFO_REQD=           4.2
in the package's Makefile (and 'make clean; make') help?