Subject: dict-{client,server,data} & libtool-base
To: None <>
From: Martin Weber <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/23/2003 22:10:10
dict-data, dict-client and dict-server list libtool-base as
a runtime dependancy while it should be a build dependancy,
right ? I am writing here because I have no idea if I just
happened to build dict-* stuff when libtool-base's buildlink
files were broken. When I look into dict-{client,server,data}'s
Makefiles, I see no mention of libtool other than including
its file.

pkg_info shows it as dependancy of libtool-base though

$ pkg_info dict-client

$ pkg_info libtool-base
Required by:

Should I just rebuilt dict-* stuff assuming whatever broke it
back then is fixed now ? ...

Okay, you never know, so in course of updating my libtool-base
I deinstalled dict-* and rebuilt dict-client just for the effect,
it still requires libtool-base. I just cannot imagine what for
dict-client would need it, so ... help ? :)