Subject: bootstrap-pkgsrc build failed under solaris 7
To: None <>
From: pierre bourgin <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/19/2003 11:17:45

Please note I don't know where to submit a PR about this, because the 
CVS repository of bootstrap-pkgsrc is in "othersrc", not in "pkgsrc" for 

That's why I send this "here" (tech-pkg@ and jschauma@).

The compilation and installation of the bootstrap-pkgsrc failed while 
trying to install packages(7) man pages.

I got it from anoncvs server yesterday:

   BOOTSTRAP_VERSION=20021202 in bootstrap-pkgsrc/bootstrap file,

   version of file bootstrap-pkgsrc/files/install-sh is
   '$NetBSD:  install-sh,v 1.2 2003/03/09 00:28:21 jschauma Exp $'

Here the trace, by adding '-x' flag into the 
bootstrap-pkgsrc/files/install-sh script and launching 
bootstrap-pkgsrc/bootstrap script:

-------<cut here>-----------------------------------------------------
# bootstrap script message

===> Installing packages(7) man page

# files/install-sh debug

+ [ ! -d /usr/pkg/man/man7 ]



+ echo /usr/pkg/man/man7
+ sed -e s@/@%@g -e s@^%@/@
+ set - /usr pkg man man7
./install-sh: bad substitution
installation of packages(7) man page failed. # bootstrap message
-------<cut here>-----------------------------------------------------

I took a look inside bootstrap-pkgsrc/files/install-sh, but I was unable 
to find what was wrong :(

A "solution" (quick workaround) I found was to make a copy of file
into bootstrap-pkgsrc/files/install-sh.

Then I clean bootstrap-pkgsrc and launch again 
bootstrap-pkgsrc/bootstrap script, and everything is fine.

Please note I tried this both on a "real" solaris 7 environnment and a 
chrooted one whith  the same results :(

Hope this help !

Pierre Bourgin