Subject: Bekerley DB v1
To: NetBSD tech-pkg mailing-list <>
From: pierre bourgin <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/17/2003 19:48:43

I'm trying to make a package (tcpstat) that requires db v1 support.

Under NetBSD, no problem, it's included in the system (problably used by 
pkg system in /var/db/pkg/), but it does not exist under solaris 7, on 
which I would like my package to run also.

on the other hand, database/db1 does not exist in the pkgsrc repository, 
and I'm not shure to be able to package it  (I'm scared when I se 
patches on databases/db !).

Did I miss something, someone has a clue about it ?

Thanks in advance,

Pierre Bourgin