Subject: gkrellm2 package
To: None <>
From: Quentin Garnier <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/15/2003 15:02:17

I managed to package gkrellm2, and here's the result :

The archive contains 4 packages : sysutils/gkrellm2-share,
sysutils/gkrellm2, sysutils/gkrellm2-server and audio/gkrellm2-volume (I
packaged it to test the file of gkrellm2).

gkrellm2-share contains only the locales, but both gkrellm2 and
gkrellm2-server use them, and I thought it would be convenient to have
gkrellm2d as a seperate package since it doesn't depend on X where
obviously gkrellm2 do.

Speaking of the locales, there seem to be an issue with them, since the
.po files use iso-8859-1 charset and are not well rendered by GTK+2 with
the default font. gtk2+-pan has no problems with accents and the only
relevant difference I found between how are compiled pan and gkrellm is
the charset of the .po files. Converting a sample string to UTF8 in a .po
file did the trick, but I doubt adding a rule in the Makefile to convert
the .po files (using iconv as a build dependancy) is the Right Thing To
Do. There's no such conversion in the FreeBSD package, but anyway I
couldn't make it work to test it (it complains about missing fonts, and I
didn't want to waste my time trying to make it work under FreeBSD).

My guess is that the charset issue is either GKrellM locales maintainers'
fault, or pkgsrc pango/glib2/gtk2+/whatever fault, and that I shouldn't
really worry about it.

I patched and set up the necessary MAKE_ENV variables to avoid any
conflicts with gkrellm1 (binaries are named gkrellm2 and gkrellm2d), I
don't know if it's really what we want in the end, but it makes testing
easier with a previous installation of gkrellm1.

Comments ? Should I send-pr it all at once or each package separately ?

Quentin Garnier -
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