Subject: pkgsrc-unofficial
To: None <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/15/2003 14:55:35

I'd like to get more user participation in pkgsrc.

Giving all interested parties NetBSD accounts is currently not
practical, so I thought it would be a good idea to make a CVS
repository e.g. on sourceforge. There everybody who asks gets a
commit bit and can import her packages and work on others'.

The directory tree in the CVS there should just be dropped
into pkgsrc/unofficial (or something like that -- better name
suggestions welcome). There'd be a CVS commit mailing list.

Additionally, there'd be two mailing lists:
The first one for general help about creating packages,
and the second one for request for reviews.

Why separate ones?
People who want to get more involved with pkgsrc but don't speak
any programming language can still 'cvs co' and 'make install'
and play around, but don't have to listen to the problems that
packagers might want to discuss.

Once review has been done successfully, perhaps by two
different people, a NetBSD committer gives another close look 
at the package and imports it.
If you can't find two people to test it, it shouldn't be imported
anyway because of lack of interest ;)

Of course, this could also be a stepping stone to becoming a
pkgsrc developer :)

If this works out, I'd also like to commit all the new packages from
the PRs there and close the PRs.

I plan it to be mainly for new packages, but I have an idea how
package updates could be done sanely too.

Participation is not limited to people speaking programming languages,
since testers are also needed, and they only need to set it up once,
do 'cvs update' and 'make install' and play around.

Is there interest for this project?

Any comments or suggestions?