Subject: Re: pkg/19066 -- please add uname to sh-utils
To: None <>
From: David Laight <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/14/2003 19:43:20
> Will someone fix sysutils/sh-utils so uname is built and installed?
> It works fine under NetBSD:

Which feature of it do you need on NetBSD?
> Here's a patch (which also includes longer DESCR -- I wonder if that part
> that indicates that these GNU tools are better is necessary):
>  These are the GNU shell utilities.  Most of these programs have
>  significant advantages over their Unix counterparts, such as
>  greater speed, additional options, and fewer arbitrary limits.

Sounds a dubious claim to me, it should probably add they they
are not posix compliant, and that the use of non-standard options
in scripts will make the scripts non-portable.

> +This package includes essential tools (and corresponding manuals)
> +for: basename, chroot, date, echo, env, hostname, nice, nohup, id,
> +printf, pwd, sleep, stty, tee, test, uname, who, whoami, yes, true
> +and false, and a few other commands.

IMHO You really don't want the gnu versions of some of those in preference
to the system ones - you could be asking for trouble.


David Laight: