Subject: Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in January 2003
To: None <,>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/13/2003 22:34:31
[Apologies for the lateness of this - agc]

Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in January 2003

By my calculations, at the end of January 2003, there were 3461
packages in the NetBSD Packages Collection, up from 3402 the previous
month, a rise of 59.

Notable additions include:  ap-iasp, asm2html, aspell-breton,
aspell-catalan, aspell-czech, aspell-danish, aspell-dutch,
aspell-english, aspell-esperanto, aspell-faroese, aspell-francais,
aspell-german, aspell-greek, aspell-italian, aspell-norwegian,
aspell-polish, aspell-portuguese, aspell-romanian, aspell-russian,
aspell-spanish, aspell-svenska, aspell-ukrainian, aspell-welsh,
bww2tex, divxplayer, docbook-website, driftnet, dvdrecord, fhist,
file-roller, filmgimp, gcc, gnome-dirs, gnome-pilot, gnome1-dirs,
gnome2-dirs, gnustep, gob, gp-grpconst, gpsd, graphopt, iasp, iperf,
libdnet, libdvdcss, mew, mowitz, moz-linux-plugger, openoffice-linux,
p5-Class-ReturnValue, p5-Devel-StackTrace, p5-Test-Inline, psgml-mode,
py-bsddb3, sarien, screentest, tex-bagpipetex, tex-musixtex, twelf,
umbrello, xemacs-nox11, xmlcatmgr, and Xrender.

Notable updates include:  abiword, abiword-personal, adzap, anjuta,
ap-aolserver, ap-auth-postgresql, ap-layout, apache2, arla, arts,
asm2html, aspell, aspell-gaeilge, aspell-slovak, ast-ksh, atk, atlc,
auctex, autotrace, balsa, bbweather, bison, bitchx, blackdown-jre13,
bnc, bochs, bonobo-activation, bsetroot, buildtool, cadaver, cal,
capc-calc, cassowary, cdrecord, cgoban-java, coconut,
courier-authpgsql, cpuflags, createbuildlink, csound-bath, cue, cups,
cvs, cxunzip, dctc, diffutils, disc-cover, docbook, docbook-website,
docbook-xml, docbook-xsl, dopewars, dptutil, dsssl-docbook-modular,
dvdrecord, easytag, eggdrop, eieio, ekg, elinks, emacs, emacs-w3m,
etcupdate, ethereal, ettercap, everybuddy, everybuddy-gnome, evilwm,
evolution, expat, feh, flashplayer-0.4.10nb2, flim, fnlib, fontconfig,
fvwm2, g-wrap, gabber, gail, gaim, gaim-gnome, gal, gcombust, GConf2,
gdchart, gdk-pixbuf, gdk-pixbuf-gnome, geneweb, gftp, gimageview,
glib2, glimpse, gmplayer, gnome, gnome-core, gnome-libs, gnome-media,
gnome-mime-data, gnome-pilot, gnome-pim, gnome-utils, gnome-vfs,
gnomeicu, gnucash, GNUMail, gnumeric, gnustep, gnustep-back,
gnustep-base, gnustep-examples, gnustep-gui, gnustep-make,
gnustep-objc, gnustep-preferences, Gorm, gphoto, gpsdrive, gq, gqmpeg,
gqview, graphopt, grepmail, groff, grub, gtar, gtar-base, gtk-engines,
gtk2+, gtk2-engines, gtk2-pan, gtkglext, gtkhtml, gtkspell, gtksql,
gtranscript, guile, guile-gtk, guile-pg, GutenMark-words,
haskell-mode, hpijs, html, iasp, icewm, icewm-gnome, id-utils, id3ed,
ImageMagick, imap-uw, intltool, ipa, ipv6calc, irchat-pj, irssi,
iso12083, iso8879, jade, jdbc-postgresql, jde, jhead, jikes, jpilot,
jpilot-syncmal, kaffe, kde3, kdeaddons3, kdeadmin3, kdeartwork3,
kdebase3, kdeedu3, kdegames3, kdegraphics3, kdelibdocs3, kdelibs3,
kdemultimedia3, kdenetwork3, kdepim3, kdesdk3, kdetoys3, kdeutils3,
kermit, keychain, kile, koth, kpsql, lbreakout, leim, lftp, libart2,
libbonobo, libbonoboui, libctl, libexif, libexif-gtk,
libflash-0.4.10nb4, libggi, libgii, libglade2, libgnome,
libgnomecanvas, libgnomeui, libgtop, libgtop2, libIDL, libtool,
libtool-base, libtool-info, libwmf, liece, linc, links, links-gui,
lyx, malsync, mencoder, mew, mousetar, moz-flash-1.0nb2, mozilla,
mozilla-stable, mp3blaster, mplayer, mplayer-share, mtr, mtr-gtk,
multi-gnome-terminal, mysql-client, mysql-server, nail, naim-,
nasm-devel, nawk, ncurses, neon, netsaint-plugins, netscape7, novawm,
ns-plugger-common, ns-plugger-communicator, ns-plugger-navigator,
ntop, ntop2, openacs, openldap, openoffice-linux, openssh, ORBit,
ORBit2, oregano, oss, p0f, p5-Cz-Cstools, p5-DBD-postgresql,
p5-DBIx-SearchBuilder, p5-Digest-MD2, p5-Digest-MD5, p5-Digest-SHA1,
p5-Image-Size, p5-IO-String, p5-libwww, p5-MailTools, p5-MIME-Base64,
p5-perl-ldap, p5-PerlMagick, p5-pilot-link, p5-postgresql,
p5-Text-CSV-Hash, p5-URI, p5-XML-Simple, palmosemulator, pan, pango,
patch, pgaccess, phoenix, php-pgsql, phpmyadmin, pico, pilot-link,
pilot-link-libs, pine, pkglint, pkg_comp, pkg_install, pnm2ppa,
postfix, postgresql, postgresql-client, postgresql-docs,
postgresql-lib, postgresql-plperl, postgresql-pltcl,
postgresql-server, psi-0.8.7, pv, py-gdchart, py-postgresql,
py-psycopg, pyxml, qt3, qt3-psql, qt3-tools, R, rioutil, rootprobe,
roxirc, ruby-DBD-postgresql, ruby-postgresql, sawfish,
sawfish-replibs, sawfish-themes, scigraphica, scrollz, semantic, semi,
siag, silc-client, silc-server, snort-pgsql, sodipodi, soup, sp,
spamassassin, speedbar, Speex, squid, ssh2, stunnel, subversion,
sun-jdk13, sun-jdk14, sun-jre13, sun-jre14, superlu, sweep, swing,
sylpheed, sysbuild, tcl-expect, tcl-postgresql, tcm, TeXmacs,
tk-expect, tk-postgresql, transfig, tuxpaint, unrar, ups-nut, vm,
wdg-validate, windowmaker, wl, wmbiff, x11-links, xaric, xchat,
xchat-gnome, xemacs-current, xfig, Xft2, xmame, xmess, xmlcatmgr,
xpilot, xpmroot, xpuyopuyo, xrick, xsane, yamt, zope25-ZPhotoSlides,
and zope25-ZPsycopgDA.

The package of the month award goes to rdesktop (pkgsrc/net/rdesktop),
nominated by Andrew Brown and Ross Harvey.  Rdesktop is a
"dependency-free" utility to manage a session on a Windows box in an X
window.  I use it from NetBSD to work on an XP workstation, and it has
made my life much easier - one of these packages of which you think
"what did I do before I found out about this?".

Alistair Crooks
Wed Feb 12 07:05:37 GMT 2003

Packages added to the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Added ap-iasp-2.1.1 [jlam 2003-01-01]
Package URL:
Comment: Apache connector for accessing a iASP proxy server

	Added asm2html-1.0 [jmmv 2003-01-13]
Package URL:
Comment: Tool to convert NASM source files to HTML

	Added aspell-breton-0.50.2 [salo 2003-01-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Breton language support for aspell

	Added aspell-catalan-0.50.2 [salo 2003-01-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Catalan language support for aspell

	Added aspell-czech-0.50.2 [salo 2003-01-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Czech language support for aspell

	Added aspell-danish-0.50.2 [salo 2003-01-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Danish language support for aspell

	Added aspell-dutch-0.50.2 [salo 2003-01-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Dutch language support for aspell

	Added aspell-english-0.51.0 [salo 2003-01-15]
Package URL:
Comment: English language support for aspell

	Added aspell-esperanto-0.50.2 [salo 2003-01-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Esperanto language support for aspell

	Added aspell-faroese-0.50.2 [salo 2003-01-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Faroese language support for aspell

	Added aspell-francais-0.50.3 [salo 2003-01-17]
Package URL:
Comment: French language support for aspell

	Added aspell-german-0.50-2 [salo 2003-01-16]
Package URL:
Comment: German language support for aspell

	Added aspell-greek-0.50.3 [salo 2003-01-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Greek language support for aspell

	Added aspell-italian-0.50.2 [salo 2003-01-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Italian language support for aspell

	Added aspell-norwegian-0.50.2 [salo 2003-01-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Norwegian language support for aspell

	Added aspell-polish-0.50.2 [salo 2003-01-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Polish language support for aspell

	Added aspell-portuguese-0.50.2 [salo 2003-01-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Portuguese language support for aspell

	Added aspell-romanian-0.50.2 [salo 2003-01-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Romanian language support for aspell

	Added aspell-russian-0.50.2 [salo 2003-01-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Russian language support for aspell

	Added aspell-spanish-0.50.2 [salo 2003-01-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Spanish language support for aspell

	Added aspell-svenska-0.50.2 [salo 2003-01-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Swedish language support for aspell

	Added aspell-ukrainian-0.50.3 [salo 2003-01-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Ukrainian language support for aspell

	Added aspell-welsh-0.50.3 [salo 2003-01-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Welsh language support for aspell

	Added bww2tex-2.00 [fredb 2003-01-23]
Package URL:
Comment: Bagpipe Music Writer Gold to BagpipeTeX converter

	Added divxplayer-0.2.0 [fredb 2003-01-26]
Package URL:
Comment: DivX(TM) Video Player for Linux from

	Added docbook-website-2.3 [grant 2003-01-11]
Package URL:
Comment: DocBook XML DTD for building websites

	Added driftnet-0.1.6 [hubertf 2003-01-09]
Package URL:
Comment: Real-time image sniffer

	Added dvdrecord-0.1.3 [toshii 2003-01-17]
Package URL:
Comment: This program allows you to create DVD's on a DVD-Recorder

	Added fhist-1.12 [markd 2003-01-16]
Package URL:
Comment: file history and comparison tools

	Added file-roller-2.0.4 [jmmv 2003-01-04]
Package URL:
Comment: Front-end to archiving programs like tar and zip

	Added filmgimp-0.15 [jlam 2003-01-29]
Package URL:
Comment: motion picture editing tool

	Added gcc-3.2.1 [uebayasi 2003-01-06]
Package URL:
Comment: GNU Compiler Collection

	Added gnome-dirs-1.0 [jmmv 2003-01-27]
Package URL:
Comment: Shared GTK/GNOME (v1 and v2) directories

	Added gnome-pilot-0.1.71 [rh 2003-01-11]
Package URL:
Comment: Palm Pilot synchronisation for GNOME

	Added gnome1-dirs-1.0 [jmmv 2003-01-27]
Package URL:
Comment: Shared GTK/GNOME (v1) directories

	Added gnome2-dirs-1.0 [jmmv 2003-01-27]
Package URL:
Comment: Shared GTK/GNOME (v2) directories

	Added gnustep-1.5.1 [rh 2003-01-03]
Package URL:
Comment: meta-package for GNUstep

	Added gob-1.0.12 [rh 2003-01-10]
Package URL:
Comment: GNOME object builder

	Added gp-grpconst-2.0 [cjep 2003-01-05]
Package URL:
Comment: GAP package for finding isomorphism classes of finite groups

	Added gpsd-1.07 [tsarna 2003-01-05]
Package URL:
Comment: GPS information daemon

	Added graphopt-0.1 [wiz 2003-01-23]
Package URL:
Comment: optimize graph layouts

	Added iasp-2.1.1 [jlam 2003-01-01]
Package URL:
Comment: Instant ASP: Java implementation of Active Server Pages

	Added iperf-1.6.5 [seb 2003-01-27]
Package URL:
Comment: TCP and UDP bandwidth performance measurement tool

	Added libdnet-1.5 [seb 2003-01-26]
Package URL:
Comment: C interface to several low-level networking routines

	Added libdvdcss-1.2.4 [agc 2003-01-22]
Package URL:
Comment: simple library designed for accessing DVDs

	Added mew-3.1 [uebayasi 2003-01-11]
Package URL:
Comment: Messaging in the Emacs World

	Added mowitz-0.2.1 [uebayasi 2003-01-16]
Package URL:
Comment: "More widgets" library

	Added moz-linux-plugger-4.0 [rh 2003-01-05]
Package URL:
Comment: streaming multimedia plugin for Mozilla (Linux version)

	Added openoffice-linux-1.0.2 [mrauch 2003-01-22]
Package URL:
Comment: Integrated office productivity suite (binary pkg)

	Added p5-Class-ReturnValue-0.40 [mjl 2003-01-02]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module for return-value object

	Added p5-Devel-StackTrace-1.02 [mjl 2003-01-02]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module for stack trace and stack trace frame objects

	Added p5-Test-Inline-0.15 [mjl 2003-01-02]
Package URL:
Comment: Inlining your tests next to the code being tested

	Added psgml-mode-1.2.5 [wiz 2003-01-09]
Package URL:
Comment: SGML/XML mode for Emacs

	Added py-bsddb3-4.1.1nb1 [gson 2003-01-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Python extension module for Berkeley DB 3 and 4

	Added sarien-0.7.0 [jmmv 2003-01-10]
Package URL:
Comment: Adventure Game Interpreter (AGI) for Sierra On-Line Titles

	Added screentest-1.0 [jmmv 2003-01-08]
Package URL:
Comment: CRT screen testing utility using GTK+

	Added tex-bagpipetex-3.01 [fredb 2003-01-23]
Package URL:
Comment: MusixTeX macros to typeset bagpipe music

	Added tex-musixtex-109 [fredb 2003-01-23]
Package URL:
Comment: TeX macros to typeset music

	Added twelf-1.4 [kristerw 2003-01-22]
Package URL:
Comment: Meta-language for proving properties of languages and logics

	Added umbrello-1.1.1 [markd 2003-01-28]
Package URL:
Comment: Unified Modelling Language diagram program for KDE

	Added xemacs-nox11-21.1.14 [magick 2003-01-13]
Package URL:
Comment: XEmacs text editor version 21

	Added xmlcatmgr-0.1 [jmmv 2003-01-10]
Package URL:
Comment: XML catalog manager

	Added Xrender-0.7 [jlam 2003-01-14]
Package URL:
Comment: client library for the X Rendering Extension protocol

Updates to Packages in the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Updated abiword to 1.0.3 [mycroft 2003-01-09]
	Updated abiword-personal to 1.0.4 [martti 2003-01-28]
	Updated adzap to 20030120 [simonb 2003-01-22]
	Updated adzap to 20030123 [rh 2003-01-25]
	Updated adzap to 20030125 [rh 2003-01-26]
	Updated anjuta to 1.0.1 [rh 2003-01-06]
	Updated ap-aolserver to 1.1nb2 [jlam 2003-01-05]
	Updated ap-auth-postgresql to 1.2b2nb1 [jlam 2003-01-05]
	Updated ap-layout to 3.2 [grant 2003-01-28]
	Updated apache2 to 2.0.44 [martti 2003-01-28]
	Updated arla to 0.35.12pre1 [wennmach 2003-01-14]
	Updated arts to [skrll 2003-01-02]
	Updated asm2html to 1.2 [jmmv 2003-01-19]
	Updated asm2html to 1.3 [jmmv 2003-01-23]
	Updated aspell to 0.50.3 [salo 2003-01-15]
	Updated aspell to 0.50.3nb1 [salo 2003-01-22]
	Updated aspell-gaeilge to 2.0nb1 [salo 2003-01-15]
	Updated aspell-gaeilge to 2.0nb2 [salo 2003-01-17]
	Updated aspell-slovak to [salo 2003-01-20]
	Updated aspell-slovak to 1.1 [salo 2003-01-02]
	Updated aspell-slovak to 1.1nb1 [salo 2003-01-15]
	Updated aspell-slovak to 1.1nb2 [salo 2003-01-17]
	Updated ast-ksh to 20021221 [uebayasi 2003-01-08]
	Updated atk to 1.2.0nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-04]
	Updated atlc to 4.2.10 [dmcmahill 2003-02-01]
	Updated auctex to 11.13 [uebayasi 2003-01-11]
	Updated autotrace to 0.31.1 [jmmv 2003-01-10]
	Updated balsa to 1.4.0nb3 [salo 2003-01-16]
	Updated bbweather to 0.6 [jschauma 2003-01-11]
	Updated bison to 1.875 [cjep 2003-01-01]
	Updated bison to 1.875nb1 [cjep 2003-01-04]
	Updated bitchx to [salo 2003-01-31]
	Updated blackdown-jre13 to 1nb1 [jlam 2003-01-29]
	Updated bnc to 2.8.6 [salo 2003-01-31]
	Updated bochs to 2.0.1 [fredb 2003-01-13]
	Updated bonobo-activation to 2.1.0nb2 [jmmv 2003-01-04]
	Updated bonobo-activation to 2.1.0nb3 [jmmv 2003-01-04]
	Updated bonobo-activation to 2.1.1 [jmmv 2003-01-05]
	Updated bsetroot to 0.1nb1 [jschauma 2003-01-05]
	Updated buildtool to 0.9 [jmmv 2003-01-23]
	Updated cadaver to 0.20.5 [drochner 2003-01-30]
	Updated cal to 3.5nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-03]
	Updated capc-calc to 2.11.6 [wiz 2003-01-03]
	Updated cassowary to 0.60nb1 [kristerw 2003-01-23]
	Updated cassowary to 0.60nb2 [uebayasi 2003-01-25]
	Updated cdrecord to 2.0 [lukem 2003-01-03]
	Updated cgoban-java to 2.4.57 [jlam 2003-01-28]
	Updated coconut to 0.3.0nb2 [rh 2003-01-14]
	Updated courier-authpgsql to 0.37.1nb1 [jlam 2003-01-05]
	Updated cpuflags to 0.39 [abs 2003-01-29]
	Updated createbuildlink to 2.4 [uebayasi 2003-01-09]
	Updated csound-bath to 4.23 [hubertf 2003-01-19]
	Updated cue to 20030120 [itojun 2003-01-27]
	Updated cups to 1.1.18nb1 [jlam 2003-01-23]
	Updated cvs to 1.11.4 [wiz 2003-01-16]
	Updated cvs to 1.11.4nb1 [christos 2003-01-17]
	Updated cvs to 1.11.5 [wiz 2003-01-21]
	Updated cxunzip to 0.96nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-27]
	Updated dctc to 0.84.1 [wiz 2003-01-28]
	Updated diffutils to 2.8.1 [wiz 2003-01-19]
	Updated disc-cover to 1.4.0nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-18]
	Updated docbook to 4.2nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-11]
	Updated docbook to 4.2nb2 [jmmv 2003-01-29]
	Updated docbook-website to 2.3nb1 [grant 2003-01-18]
	Updated docbook-website to 2.3nb2 [grant 2003-01-28]
	Updated docbook-website to 2.3nb3 [jmmv 2003-01-29]
	Updated docbook-xml to 4.2nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-10]
	Updated docbook-xml to 4.2nb2 [jmmv 2003-01-11]
	Updated docbook-xml to 4.2nb3 [jmmv 2003-01-18]
	Updated docbook-xml to 4.2nb4 [jmmv 2003-01-29]
	Updated docbook-xsl to 1.58.1nb1 [grant 2003-01-02]
	Updated docbook-xsl to 1.59.2 [jmmv 2003-01-22]
	Updated docbook-xsl to 1.60.1 [grant 2003-01-27]
	Updated docbook-xsl to 1.60.1nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-29]
	Updated dopewars to 1.5.8nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-27]
	Updated dptutil to 3.31nb1 [ad 2003-01-27]
	Updated dsssl-docbook-modular to 1.57nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-11]
	Updated dsssl-docbook-modular to 1.57nb2 [jmmv 2003-01-29]
	Updated dvdrecord to 0.1.3nb1 [abs 2003-01-31]
	Updated easytag to 0.26 [wiz 2003-01-03]
	Updated easytag to 0.26nb1 [wiz 2003-01-14]
	Updated easytag to 0.26nb2 [jmmv 2003-01-27]
	Updated eggdrop to 1.6.13 [salo 2003-01-16]
	Updated eieio to 0.17 [uebayasi 2003-01-11]
	Updated ekg to 0.20030114 [salo 2003-01-16]
	Updated elinks to 0.4.2 [salo 2003-01-26]
	Updated emacs to 20.7nb1 [uebayasi 2003-01-11]
	Updated emacs-w3m to 1.3.3 [uebayasi 2003-01-11]
	Updated etcupdate to 20030124 [martti 2003-01-27]
	Updated ethereal to 0.9.9 [grant 2003-01-26]
	Updated ettercap to 0.6.9 [drochner 2003-01-30]
	Updated everybuddy to 0.2.0nb2 [jmmv 2003-01-27]
	Updated everybuddy-gnome to 0.2.0nb4 [jmmv 2003-01-27]
	Updated evilwm to 0.99.14 [salo 2003-01-19]
	Updated evilwm to 0.99.14nb1 [salo 2003-01-30]
	Updated evolution to 1.2.1 [rh 2003-01-09]
	Updated expat to 1.95.6 [drochner 2003-01-30]
	Updated feh to 1.2.4 [wiz 2003-01-10]
	Updated flashplayer-0.4.10nb2 [jlam 2003-01-30]
	Updated flim to 1.14.5 [uebayasi 2003-01-11]
	Updated fnlib to 0.5nb2 [jmmv 2003-01-02]
	Updated fontconfig to 2.1nb3 [wiz 2003-01-21]
	Updated fvwm2 to 2.4.15 [martti 2003-01-26]
	Updated g-wrap to 1.2.1nb1 [jlam 2003-01-23]
	Updated gabber to 0.8.7nb4 [jmmv 2003-01-23]
	Updated gabber to 0.8.7nb5 [jmmv 2003-01-27]
	Updated gail to 1.1.6 [jmmv 2003-01-05]
	Updated gail to 1.1.7 [jmmv 2003-01-06]
	Updated gaim to 0.59.8 [mycroft 2003-01-09]
	Updated gaim to 0.59.8nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-10]
	Updated gaim to 0.59.8nb2 [jmmv 2003-01-27]
	Updated gaim-gnome to 0.59.8nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-10]
	Updated gaim-gnome to 0.59.8nb2 [jmmv 2003-01-27]
	Updated gal to 0.22 [rh 2003-01-09]
	Updated gcombust to 0.1.53 [rh 2003-01-15]
	Updated gcombust to 0.1.53nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-29]
	Updated GConf2 to 1.2.1nb4 [jmmv 2003-01-05]
	Updated GConf2 to 1.2.1nb5 [jmmv 2003-01-25]
	Updated gdchart to 0.10.1nb2 [jmmv 2003-01-17]
	Updated gdchart to 0.10.1nb3 [jlam 2003-01-24]
	Updated gdk-pixbuf to 0.22 [wiz 2003-01-15]
	Updated gdk-pixbuf-gnome to 0.22 [wiz 2003-01-15]
	Updated geneweb to 4.09 [wulf 2003-01-02]
	Updated gftp to 2.0.8nb2 [jmmv 2003-01-29]
	Updated gimageview to 0.2.13 [drochner 2003-01-20]
	Updated gimageview to 0.2.13nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-28]
	Updated glib2 to 2.2.0nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-04]
	Updated glib2 to 2.2.0nb2 [tron 2003-01-28]
	Updated glimpse to 4.17.2 [mycroft 2003-01-09]
	Updated gmplayer to 0.90rc3 [fredb 2003-01-20]
	Updated gnome to [rh 2003-01-13]
	Updated gnome-core to 1.4.2nb2 [jmmv 2003-01-30]
	Updated gnome-libs to [jmmv 2003-01-14]
	Updated gnome-libs to [jmmv 2003-01-30]
	Updated gnome-media to 1.2.3nb4 [jmmv 2003-01-27]
	Updated gnome-mime-data to 2.0.1nb2 [rh 2003-01-02]
	Updated gnome-pilot to 0.1.71nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-27]
	Updated gnome-pim to 1.4.6 [rh 2003-01-11]
	Updated gnome-utils to [rh 2003-01-12]
	Updated gnome-vfs to 1.0.3nb1 [rh 2003-01-02]
	Updated gnome-vfs to 1.0.5 [rh 2003-01-09]
	Updated gnomeicu to 0.96nb5 [jmmv 2003-01-27]
	Updated gnucash to 1.6.8 [rh 2003-01-16]
	Updated GNUMail to 1.0.3nb1 [rh 2003-01-03]
	Updated gnumeric to 1.0.12 [rh 2003-01-09]
	Updated gnumeric to 1.0.12nb1 [rh 2003-01-12]
	Updated gnumeric to 1.0.12nb2 [rh 2003-01-17]
	Updated gnustep to 1.5.1nb1 [rh 2003-01-03]
	Updated gnustep-back to 0.8.3 [rh 2003-01-03]
	Updated gnustep-base to 1.5.1 [rh 2003-01-03]
	Updated gnustep-examples to 0.9.7nb1 [rh 2003-01-03]
	Updated gnustep-gui to 0.8.3 [rh 2003-01-03]
	Updated gnustep-make to 1.5.1 [rh 2003-01-03]
	Updated gnustep-objc to 1.2.2nb1 [rh 2003-01-21]
	Updated gnustep-preferences to 1.2.0nb1 [rh 2003-01-03]
	Updated Gorm to 0.2.0 [rh 2003-01-03]
	Updated Gorm to 0.2.5 [rh 2003-01-25]
	Updated gphoto to 0.4.3nb3 [jmmv 2003-01-28]
	Updated gpsdrive to 1.31nb1 [tsarna 2003-01-05]
	Updated gq to 0.3.0nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-27]
	Updated gqmpeg to 0.19.0nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-27]
	Updated gqview to 1.2.1 [wiz 2003-01-24]
	Updated graphopt to 0.1nb1 [atatat 2003-01-27]
	Updated grepmail to 4.91 [wiz 2003-01-20]
	Updated groff to 1.18.1 [wiz 2003-01-04]
	Updated grub to 0.93 [jmmv 2003-01-24]
	Updated gtar to 1.13.25nb1 [jschauma 2003-01-21]
	Updated gtar-base to 1.13.25nb1 [jschauma 2003-01-21]
	Updated gtk-engines to 0.12nb2 [jlam 2003-01-10]
	Updated gtk2+ to 2.2.0nb2 [jmmv 2003-01-04]
	Updated gtk2+ to 2.2.0nb3 [jmmv 2003-01-04]
	Updated gtk2-engines to 2.2.0 [jmmv 2003-01-18]
	Updated gtk2-pan to 0.13.3nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-29]
	Updated gtkglext to 0.6.1 [rh 2003-01-14]
	Updated gtkhtml to 1.1.7 [rh 2003-01-09]
	Updated gtkspell to 2.0.2nb2 [salo 2003-01-15]
	Updated gtksql to 0.3nb1 [jlam 2003-01-05]
	Updated gtranscript to 0.0.1nb2 [jlam 2003-01-05]
	Updated guile to 1.6.1 [uebayasi 2003-01-06]
	Updated guile-gtk to 0.19nb1 [jlam 2003-01-25]
	Updated guile-pg to 0.07nb1 [jlam 2003-01-05]
	Updated GutenMark-words to 20021228 [cjep 2003-01-04]
	Updated GutenMark-words to 20030107 [wiz 2003-01-08]
	Updated haskell-mode to 1.44 [uebayasi 2003-01-11]
	Updated hpijs to 1.3 [toshii 2003-01-25]
	Updated html to 4.0bnb1 [jmmv 2003-01-11]
	Updated html to 4.0bnb2 [jmmv 2003-01-29]
	Updated iasp to 2.1.1nb1 [jlam 2003-01-02]
	Updated icewm to 1.2.0nb2 [jmmv 2003-01-09]
	Updated icewm-gnome to 1.2.0nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-09]
	Updated id-utils to 3.2nb3 [thorpej 2003-01-07]
	Updated id3ed to 1.10.4 [salo 2003-01-10]
	Updated ImageMagick to [wiz 2003-01-04]
	Updated imap-uw to 2002.2 [martti 2003-01-23]
	Updated intltool to 0.25 [jmmv 2003-02-01]
	Updated ipa to 1.3 [jmmv 2003-01-09]
	Updated ipv6calc to 0.45 [salo 2003-01-11]
	Updated irchat-pj to [uebayasi 2003-01-11]
	Updated irssi to 0.8.6nb1 [veego 2003-01-12]
	Updated iso12083 to 1993nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-11]
	Updated iso12083 to 1993nb2 [jmmv 2003-01-29]
	Updated iso8879 to 1986nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-11]
	Updated iso8879 to 1986nb2 [jmmv 2003-01-29]
	Updated jade to 1.2.1nb5 [jmmv 2003-01-11]
	Updated jade to 1.2.1nb6 [jmmv 2003-01-29]
	Updated jdbc-postgresql to 7.3.1 [jlam 2003-01-02]
	Updated jde to 2.3.2 [uebayasi 2003-01-11]
	Updated jhead to 1.9 [mycroft 2003-01-09]
	Updated jikes to 1.18 [skrll 2003-01-21]
	Updated jpilot to 0.99.3 [rh 2003-01-10]
	Updated jpilot-syncmal to 0.71 [wiz 2003-01-13]
	Updated kaffe to 1.0.7nb1 [jlam 2003-01-29]
	Updated kde3 to [skrll 2003-01-02]
	Updated kdeaddons3 to [skrll 2003-01-02]
	Updated kdeadmin3 to [skrll 2003-01-02]
	Updated kdeartwork3 to [skrll 2003-01-02]
	Updated kdebase3 to [skrll 2003-01-02]
	Updated kdeedu3 to [skrll 2003-01-02]
	Updated kdegames3 to [skrll 2003-01-02]
	Updated kdegraphics3 to [skrll 2003-01-02]
	Updated kdelibdocs3 to [skrll 2003-01-05]
	Updated kdelibs3 to [skrll 2003-01-02]
	Updated kdemultimedia3 to [skrll 2003-01-02]
	Updated kdenetwork3 to [skrll 2003-01-02]
	Updated kdepim3 to [skrll 2003-01-02]
	Updated kdesdk3 to [skrll 2003-01-02]
	Updated kdetoys3 to [skrll 2003-01-02]
	Updated kdeutils3 to [skrll 2003-01-02]
	Updated kermit to 8.0.206 [mycroft 2003-01-09]
	Updated kermit to 8.0.206nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-23]
	Updated keychain to 2.0.2 [martti 2003-01-18]
	Updated kile to 1.32 [markd 2003-01-29]
	Updated koth to 0.7.6nb1 [wiz 2003-01-04]
	Updated kpsql to 1.0nb2 [jlam 2003-01-05]
	Updated lbreakout to 010315nb1 [rh 2003-01-25]
	Updated leim to 20.7nb1 [wiz 2003-01-12]
	Updated lftp to 2.6.4 [salo 2003-01-31]
	Updated libart2 to 2.3.11 [jmmv 2003-01-05]
	Updated libbonobo to 2.0.0nb4 [jmmv 2003-01-04]
	Updated libbonobo to 2.2.0 [jmmv 2003-01-25]
	Updated libbonoboui to [jmmv 2003-01-04]
	Updated libctl to 2.2 [wiz 2003-01-10]
	Updated libexif to 0.5.9 [shell 2003-01-31]
	Updated libexif-gtk to 0.3.3 [shell 2003-01-31]
	Updated libflash-0.4.10nb4 [jlam 2003-01-30]
	Updated libggi to 2.0b2.1nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-02]
	Updated libgii to 0.6nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-02]
	Updated libglade2 to 2.0.1nb3 [jmmv 2003-01-05]
	Updated libglade2 to 2.0.1nb4 [jmmv 2003-01-10]
	Updated libglade2 to 2.0.1nb5 [jmmv 2003-01-11]
	Updated libglade2 to 2.0.1nb6 [jmmv 2003-01-12]
	Updated libglade2 to 2.0.1nb7 [jmmv 2003-01-29]
	Updated libgnome to 2.0.6 [jmmv 2003-01-04]
	Updated libgnomecanvas to 2.0.5 [jmmv 2003-01-03]
	Updated libgnomecanvas to 2.0.5nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-05]
	Updated libgnomeui to 2.0.6 [jmmv 2003-01-04]
	Updated libgtop to 1.0.13nb1 [tron 2003-01-21]
	Updated libgtop2 to 2.0.0nb2 [jmmv 2003-01-11]
	Updated libgtop2 to 2.0.0nb2 [rh 2003-01-21]
	Updated libIDL to 0.8.0 [jmmv 2003-01-22]
	Updated libtool to 1.4.20010614nb11 [jlam 2003-01-10]
	Updated libtool to 1.4.20010614nb12 [grant 2003-01-21]
	Updated libtool-base to 1.4.20010614nb11 [jlam 2003-01-10]
	Updated libtool-info to 1.4.20010614nb11 [jlam 2003-01-10]
	Updated libwmf to 0.2.8 [drochner 2003-01-20]
	Updated liece to 1.4.10 [uebayasi 2003-01-25]
	Updated linc to 0.7.0nb2 [jmmv 2003-01-04]
	Updated linc to 1.0.1 [jmmv 2003-01-22]
	Updated links to [salo 2003-01-26]
	Updated links-gui to [is 2003-01-15]
	Updated links-gui to [salo 2003-01-26]
	Updated lyx to 1.2.3 [martti 2003-01-09]
	Updated malsync to 2.1.1 [wiz 2003-01-13]
	Updated mencoder to 0.90rc3 [fredb 2003-01-20]
	Updated mew to 2.3 [uebayasi 2003-01-11]
	Updated mousetar to 20021217 [agc 2003-01-02]
	Updated moz-flash-1.0nb2 [jlam 2003-01-30]
	Updated mozilla to 1.2.1nb3 [tron 2003-01-19]
	Updated mozilla to 1.2.1nb4 [lukem 2003-01-22]
	Updated mozilla-stable to 1.0.2 [taya 2003-01-11]
	Updated mozilla-stable to 1.0.2nb2 [lukem 2003-01-22]
	Updated mp3blaster to 3.1.3nb1 [seb 2003-01-21]
	Updated mplayer to 0.90rc3 [fredb 2003-01-20]
	Updated mplayer-share to 0.90rc3 [fredb 2003-01-20]
	Updated mtr to 0.52 [mycroft 2003-01-09]
	Updated mtr-gtk to 0.52 [mycroft 2003-01-09]
	Updated multi-gnome-terminal to 1.6.1 [jmmv 2003-01-10]
	Updated mysql-client to 3.23.49nb3 [lukem 2003-01-21]
	Updated mysql-server to 3.23.49nb3 [lukem 2003-01-21]
	Updated nail to 10.4 [cjep 2003-01-19]
	Updated naim- [wiz 2003-01-28]
	Updated nasm-devel to 0.98.35 [salo 2003-01-14]
	Updated nawk to 20021213 [cjep 2003-01-03]
	Updated ncurses to 5.3 [wiz 2003-01-21]
	Updated neon to 0.23.6 [jmmv 2003-01-22]
	Updated neon to 0.23.7 [drochner 2003-01-30]
	Updated netsaint-plugins to [jlam 2003-01-05]
	Updated netscape7 to 7.01  [abs 2003-01-28]
	Updated novawm to 0.8 [wiz 2003-01-03]
	Updated ns-plugger-common to 4.0 [rh 2003-01-05]
	Updated ns-plugger-communicator to 4.0 [rh 2003-01-05]
	Updated ns-plugger-navigator to 4.0 [rh 2003-01-05]
	Updated ntop to 2.1.54nb1 [jlam 2003-01-24]
	Updated ntop2 to 2.1.54 [mycroft 2003-01-09]
	Updated openacs to 3.2.5nb2 [jlam 2003-01-05]
	Updated openldap to 2.0.27nb2 [kleink 2003-01-29]
	Updated openoffice-linux to 1.0.2nb1 [mrauch 2003-01-24]
	Updated openssh to [seb 2003-01-19]
	Updated ORBit to 0.5.15nb3 [wiz 2003-01-19]
	Updated ORBit2 to 2.6.0 [jmmv 2003-01-22]
	Updated oregano to 0.20nb4 [jmmv 2003-01-27]
	Updated oss to 3.9.7g [jlam 2003-01-10]
	Updated p0f to 1.8.2 [hubertf 2003-01-18]
	Updated p5-Cz-Cstools to 3.42 [salo 2003-01-15]
	Updated p5-DBD-postgresql to 1.13nb3 [jlam 2003-01-05]
	Updated p5-DBD-postgresql to 1.21 [mjl 2003-01-17]
	Updated p5-DBIx-SearchBuilder to 0.76 [mjl 2003-01-02]
	Updated p5-Digest-MD2 to 2.01 [shell 2003-01-31]
	Updated p5-Digest-MD5 to 2.22 [mycroft 2003-01-09]
	Updated p5-Digest-SHA1 to 2.02 [shell 2003-01-31]
	Updated p5-Image-Size to 2.991 [shell 2003-01-31]
	Updated p5-IO-String to 1.02 [shell 2003-01-31]
	Updated p5-libwww to 5.67 [mjl 2003-01-02]
	Updated p5-libwww to 5.69 [shell 2003-01-31]
	Updated p5-MailTools to 1.58 [shell 2003-01-31]
	Updated p5-MIME-Base64 to 2.16 [mycroft 2003-01-09]
	Updated p5-perl-ldap to 0.2701 [shell 2003-01-31]
	Updated p5-PerlMagick to [wiz 2003-01-04]
	Updated p5-pilot-link to 0.11.7 [rh 2003-01-10]
	Updated p5-postgresql to 1.9.0nb1 [jlam 2003-01-05]
	Updated p5-Text-CSV-Hash to 0.17 [abs 2003-01-20]
	Updated p5-URI to 1.23 [shell 2003-01-31]
	Updated p5-XML-Simple to 2.03 [shell 2003-01-31]
	Updated palmosemulator to 3.5nb1 [dsainty 2003-01-05]
	Updated pan to 0.13.3 (gtk2-pan) [wiz 2003-01-03]
	Updated pango to 1.2.0nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-04]
	Updated patch to 2.5.4nb1 [grant 2003-01-06]
	Updated patch to 2.5.4nb2 [grant 2003-01-07]
	Updated pgaccess to 0.98.8 [jlam 2003-01-11]
	Updated phoenix to 0.5nb4 [lukem 2003-01-22]
	Updated php-pgsql to 3.0.18nb1 [jlam 2003-01-05]
	Updated php-pgsql to 4.2.3nb1 [jlam 2003-01-05]
	Updated phpmyadmin to 2.3.2 [tron 2003-01-05]
	Updated phpmyadmin to [tron 2003-01-05]
	Updated phpmyadmin to [tron 2003-01-12]
	Updated pico to 4.4nb1 [martti 2003-01-23]
	Updated pilot-link to 0.11.7 [rh 2003-01-10]
	Updated pilot-link-libs to 0.11.7 [rh 2003-01-10]
	Updated pine to 4.53 [martti 2003-01-23]
	Updated pkglint to 3.40 [atatat 2003-01-02]
	Updated pkglint to 3.41 [schmonz 2003-01-02]
	Updated pkglint to 3.42 [rh 2003-01-11]
	Updated pkglint to 3.43 [rh 2003-01-16]
	Updated pkglint to 3.44 [atatat 2003-01-24]
	Updated pkglint to 3.45 [wiz 2003-01-24]
	Updated pkglint to 3.46 [abs 2003-01-28]
	Updated pkg_comp to 1.5 [jmmv 2003-01-08]
	Updated pkg_comp to 1.6 [jmmv 2003-01-24]
	Updated pkg_install to 20030109 [schmonz 2003-01-09]
	Updated pkg_install to 20030111 [schmonz 2003-01-11]
	Updated pnm2ppa to 1.04nb1 [salo 2003-01-19]
	Updated postfix to [martti 2003-01-06]
	Updated postfix to 2.0.2 [martti 2003-01-15]
	Updated postfix to 2.0.3 [martti 2003-01-25]
	Updated postfix to 2.0.3nb1 [lukem 2003-02-01]
	Updated postgresql to 7.3.1 [jlam 2003-01-05]
	Updated postgresql-client to 7.3.1 [jlam 2003-01-05]
	Updated postgresql-docs to 7.3.1 [jlam 2003-01-05]
	Updated postgresql-lib to 7.3.1 [jlam 2003-01-05]
	Updated postgresql-plperl to 7.3.1 [jlam 2003-01-05]
	Updated postgresql-pltcl to 7.3.1 [jlam 2003-01-05]
	Updated postgresql-server to 7.3.1 [jlam 2003-01-05]
	Updated postgresql-server to 7.3.1nb1 [jlam 2003-01-11]
	Updated psi-0.8.7 [lha 2003-01-03]
	Updated pv to 0.4.5 [kristerw 2003-01-22]
	Updated py-gdchart to 0.6nb2 [jlam 2003-01-24]
	Updated py-postgresql to 3.3nb1 [jlam 2003-01-05]
	Updated py-psycopg to 1.0.13nb1 [jlam 2003-01-05]
	Updated py-psycopg to 1.0.14 [drochner 2003-01-21]
	Updated pyxml to 0.8.2 [drochner 2003-01-30]
	Updated qt3 to 3.0.6nb2 [tron 2003-01-08]
	Updated qt3-psql to 3.0.6nb2 [jlam 2003-01-05]
	Updated qt3-tools to 3.0.6nb2 [jlam 2003-01-07]
	Updated R to 1.6.2 [markd 2003-01-23]
	Updated rioutil to 1.3.3 [schmonz 2003-01-24]
	Updated rootprobe to 200301 [itojun 2003-01-16]
	Updated roxirc to 1.8 [salo 2003-01-31]
	Updated ruby-DBD-postgresql to 0.0.12nb1 [jlam 2003-01-05]
	Updated ruby-postgresql to 0.6.5nb1 [jlam 2003-01-05]
	Updated sawfish to 1.2 [mycroft 2003-01-09]
	Updated sawfish-replibs to 1.2 [mycroft 2003-01-09]
	Updated sawfish-themes to 0.2nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-29]
	Updated scigraphica to 0.8.0nb2 [jmmv 2003-01-28]
	Updated scrollz to 1.9 [grant 2003-01-19]
	Updated semantic to 1.4.2 [uebayasi 2003-01-11]
	Updated semi to 1.14.5 [uebayasi 2003-01-11]
	Updated siag to 3.5.4 [uebayasi 2003-01-17]
	Updated silc-client to 0.9.11 [salo 2003-01-09]
	Updated silc-server to 0.9.11 [salo 2003-01-09]
	Updated silc-server to 0.9.12 [salo 2003-01-26]
	Updated snort-pgsql to 1.9.0nb1 [jlam 2003-01-05]
	Updated sodipodi to 0.28 [salo 2003-01-30]
	Updated soup to 0.7.10nb2 [rh 2003-01-13]
	Updated sp to 1.3.4nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-11]
	Updated sp to 1.3.4nb2 [jmmv 2003-01-29]
	Updated spamassassin to 2.43nb2 [tron 2003-01-29]
	Updated speedbar to 0.14rc4 [uebayasi 2003-01-11]
	Updated Speex to 0.99.4nb1 [wiz 2003-01-03]
	Updated squid to 2.5.1nb2 [jlam 2003-02-16]
	Updated ssh2 to 3.2.2 [seb 2003-01-12]
	Updated stunnel to 4.04 [martti 2003-01-18]
	Updated subversion to 0.17.1 [drochner 2003-01-30]
	Updated sun-jdk13 to 1.0.7 [jlam 2003-01-29]
	Updated sun-jdk14 to 1.0.1 [jlam 2003-01-29]
	Updated sun-jre13 to 1.0.7 [jlam 2003-01-29]
	Updated sun-jre14 to 1.0.1 [jlam 2003-01-29]
	Updated superlu to 2.0nb1 [kristerw 2003-01-22]
	Updated superlu to 2.0nb2 [uebayasi 2003-01-28]
	Updated sweep to 0.5.13nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-27]
	Updated sweep to 0.8.0 [jmmv 2003-01-30]
	Updated swing to 1.1.1nb1 [jlam 2003-01-29]
	Updated sylpheed to 0.8.9 [chris 2003-01-19]
	Updated sysbuild to 1.8 [jmmv 2003-01-01]
	Updated sysbuild to 1.9 [jmmv 2003-01-08]
	Updated tcl-expect to 5.38.0 [mycroft 2003-01-09]
	Updated tcl-postgresql to 7.3.1 [jlam 2003-01-05]
	Updated tcm to 2.01nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-01]
	Updated TeXmacs to 1.0.1nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-30]
	Updated tk-expect to 5.38 [markd 2003-01-28]
	Updated tk-postgresql to 7.3.1 [jlam 2003-01-05]
	Updated transfig to 3.2.4 [rh 2003-01-07]
	Updated tuxpaint to 2002.10.26nb2 [jmmv 2003-01-01]
	Updated unrar to 3.1.3 [wiz 2003-01-13]
	Updated ups-nut to 1.2.1nb1 [lukem 2003-01-01]
	Updated vm to 7.07 [uebayasi 2003-01-11]
	Updated wdg-validate to 1.1.2 [wiz 2003-01-19]
	Updated windowmaker to 0.80.2nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-08]
	Updated wl to 2.10.0 [uebayasi 2003-01-25]
	Updated wmbiff to 0.4.13 [tron 2003-01-31]
	Updated x11-links to 0.10 [tron 2003-01-03]
	Updated xaric to 0.12.1 [salo 2003-01-31]
	Updated xchat to 1.8.11 [tron 2003-01-12]
	Updated xchat to 1.8.11nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-27]
	Updated xchat-gnome to 1.8.11 [tron 2003-01-12]
	Updated xchat-gnome to 1.8.11nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-27]
	Updated xemacs-current to 21.5.10 [uebayasi 2003-01-18]
	Updated xfig to 3.2.4 [rh 2003-01-07]
	Updated Xft2 to 2.1nb2 [jmmv 2003-01-09]
	Updated xmame to 0.62.1-rc4 [mycroft 2003-01-09]
	Updated xmame to 0.62.2 [kristerw 2003-01-13]
	Updated xmame to [wiz 2003-01-30]
	Updated xmess to 0.62.2 [kristerw 2003-01-13]
	Updated xmlcatmgr to 0.1nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-11]
	Updated xmlcatmgr to 0.2 [jmmv 2003-01-29]
	Updated xpilot to 4.5.4 [mycroft 2003-01-09]
	Updated xpmroot to 2.4.15 [martti 2003-01-26]
	Updated xpuyopuyo to 0.9.1nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-27]
	Updated xrick to 021212 [wiz 2003-01-06]
	Updated xsane to 0.90 [mycroft 2003-01-09]
	Updated yamt to 0.5nb1 [jmmv 2003-01-27]
	Updated zope25-ZPhotoSlides to 0.9 [drochner 2003-01-20]
	Updated zope25-ZPsycopgDA to 1.0.14 [drochner 2003-01-21]

Other Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Removed cdrecord-devel [lukem 2003-01-03]
	Removed jpilot-expense [wiz 2003-01-13]
	Removed jpilot-synctime [wiz 2003-01-13]
	Removed libpspell [salo 2003-01-15]