Subject: compiler choice & compile perf: gcc3 or not
To: None <>
From: julien Touche <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/12/2003 10:10:16

there is a lot of discussion in openbsd community about choice of compiler.
openbsd, like netbsd/pkgsrc, use gcc 2.95 as main compiler.
but the evolution of gcc3 seems no the best for a number of developpers
(on openbsd at least):
- compile speed (even with -O0, maybe other flags ?): seems to be "TWICE
AS SLOW" than 2.95 (for gcc, ar, & ld too) (which matters a lot for
- support for some archs (old ones mainly) disappearring
- support for old code

and misc@ archives for more (~6/2/2003)

so my question is: as netbsd pkgsrc is widely used on many
plateforms/arch and supported the biggest number of archs, have you some
  concerns about this ? do you use some debug/release flags for
compiling?  going to use gcc3 as main compiler in mid-term future ?
are you agree with people who said gcc3 dropped used archs, and old code?

i know gcc3 has been in port from the beginning of year, frebsd5 use
gcc3 as base compiler, same for debian unstable, but others don't move
for the moment.



note: please cc.