Subject: Re: xpm upgrade lossage -> xscreensaver, olvwm, xbatt, and more
To: None <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/09/2003 18:02:42
>> the next problem revolves around the actual dependencies of other pkgs
>> upon the xpm pkg.  they're all including xpm/ properly,
>> but that defines the xpm pkg as 3.4k (which is not installed), not
>> 3.4knb1, so the xpm pkg was continually being rebuilt, failing to be
>> installed, and then killing my rebuild.  making this push through was
>> easy enough by setting BUILDLINK_DEPENDS.xpm=xpm-3.4knb1 in the
>> environment.  maybe the file needs to be updated?  maybe
>> something in the buildlink2 process is a bit broken?
>I guess the is slightly broken, it has:
>BUILDLINK_DEPENDS.xpm?=         xpm-3.4k
>but probably should have
>BUILDLINK_DEPENDS.xpm?=         xpm>=3.4k
>except that I'm not sure that's gonna work, because of the non-Deweyness
>of the number.
>Could you give it a try?
>Otherwise we'll have to change it to
>BUILDLINK_DEPENDS.xpm?=         xpm-3.4knb1
>and then everyone with an old xpm library would have to rebuild all on the
>next update...

yeah, that makes it happy.

xscreensaver, however, won't compile (due to not being able to find
xpm.h) unless the pkg is installed.

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