Subject: xpm upgrade lossage -> xscreensaver, olvwm, xbatt, and more
To: None <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/09/2003 12:07:57
i was in the middle of upgrading a large pile of pkgs this weekend,
when i started seeing various lossages related to the xpm package.

the first thing is xscreensaver.  it seems actually to have a minor
build dependency on xpm, even though none of the resulting binaries
are linked to the library.  i think it just wants a few of the
#defines from the header file, but does all the other work itself.  i
got around this by rebuilding the xpm pkg and then going back to

the next problem revolves around the actual dependencies of other pkgs
upon the xpm pkg.  they're all including xpm/ properly,
but that defines the xpm pkg as 3.4k (which is not installed), not
3.4knb1, so the xpm pkg was continually being rebuilt, failing to be
installed, and then killing my rebuild.  making this push through was
easy enough by setting BUILDLINK_DEPENDS.xpm=xpm-3.4knb1 in the
environment.  maybe the file needs to be updated?  maybe
something in the buildlink2 process is a bit broken?

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