Subject: Re: bmake doesn't set MAKE correctly?
To: None <>
From: Jan Schaumann <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/08/2003 18:47:25
"Simon J. Gerraty" <> wrote:
> >I just noticed that apparently on Irix, bootstrap's bmake does not set
> >MAKE correctly, it seems.  When installing openssh, it correctly builds
> bmake certainly sets it - to argv[0].
> >gzip, zlib and starts to build perl.  However, after configuring perl,
> >it invokes /sbin/make rather than /usr/pkg/bin/bmake.  The Perl
> >configure-script checks if bmake sets MAKE and apparently doesn't find
> >that to be the case and uses the default /sbin/make instead.
> I just had a quick look at Configure for perl 5.8.0 (I had it handy)
> and the test for whether MAKE gets set looks more like it would always
> think that it was.  Further, I don't see that it changes the value of $make
> afterwards, though I may have missed something.
> Shell lossage might be more likely.  Or the args or evironment given to
> the configuring of perl might be wrong.

Hmm, I thought it was a problem with the shell, but now when I build
mail/mutt, I notice that no matter what I do, if I don't set MAKE
explicitly when invoking 'bmake', it fails to start the actual build.

It first configures it correctly, but then fails:

creating po/POTFILES
creating po/Makefile
===> Building for mutt-1.4nb3
/sbin/sed -e "s|@PREFIX@|/usr/pkg|g"  -e
"s|@PKG_SYSCONFDIR@|/usr/pkg/etc|g"  <
/usr/pkgsrc/mail/mutt/work/mutt-1.4/doc/ >
./gen_defs ./OPS ./OPS.PGP > keymap_defs.h
./ < ./PATCHES > patchlist.c
cd . \
  && CONFIG_FILES=Makefile CONFIG_HEADERS= /bin/ksh ./config.status
creating Makefile
cd . && autoheader
WARNING: `autoheader' is missing on your system.  You should only need
it if
         you modified `acconfig.h' or `'.  You might want
         to install the `Autoconf' and `GNU m4' packages.  Grab them
         from any GNU archive site.
cd . \
     /bin/ksh ./config.status
creating config.h
config.h is unchanged
BUILDLINK_PREFIX.gettext=/usr/pkg BUILDLINK_PREFIX.ncurses=/usr/pkg
BUILDLINK_PREFIX.openssl=/usr/pkg DIGEST=/usr/pkg/bin/digest
OPSYS=IRIX OS_VERSION=6.5 PKGTOOLS_VERSION=20030202  all-recursive
/bin/ksh: BUILDLINK_PREFIX.gettext=/usr/pkg:  not found
gmake: *** [all-recursive-am] Error 127
*** Error code 2

Obviously, it's missing the make-command at the beginning.  I'm a bit
stumped as to where it got lost, though...


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