Subject: Re: wm dockapps
To: None <>
From: Mario Kemper <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/28/2003 23:11:24
Frank Knappe <> writes:

> 			Hallo!
> Is wmcpuload the only available dock app in pkgsrc?

I have at least wmbiffm,wminet,wmmixer and wmcpuload and wmtime 
running at the moment

> I found some other interesting dock apps and with gmake
> I was mostly able to compile it. But when I try to run them, I get 
> errors about missing libraries.
> I changed the Makefile for wmcpuload so that I could compile and install
> wmcpuload1.0.0. So perhaps I should try to copy the Makefiles and try
> them with the other apps. Any comments?
Most apps compile the same way. So by starting with a package that looks
the same you should be able to easily make new packages and the you 
can submit them via send-pr :-)

Mario Kemper