Subject: Re: gnucash 1.8.X & -current (pkg/20271)
To: None <>
From: Jan Schaumann <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/25/2003 13:58:47
Ron Roskens <> wrote:
> In pkg/20271, there is an update for gnucash to bring it up to v1.8.0.

I was about to commit this update, after I brought it to 1.8.1 myself.
Some of the HTML documentation files were installed in the wrong
directory - did you fix this in this new package?

I updated devel/g-wrap yesterday.

> I've since updated my sources files for gnucash-1.8.1, converted all
> dependencies to use guile-1.6 instead of guile14, added a fix for
> pkg/20109, and added the missing gnucash-docs package for the help files.

Now I have patches here ready to commit which would bring gnucash to
1.8.1, but it would still be using guile14 and wouldn't include a fix
for pkg/20109.

If you send me the relevant parts to fix 20109, I could add this and
then commit with guile14.  Should we do this or does anybody have the
time to fix the issues with the gnucash-docs package so thta we would
commit that then?


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