Subject: Re: pkgsrc on Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 (i386) using Zoularis
To: Jan Schaumann <>
From: Brian A. Seklecki <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/23/2003 04:38:13
On Sat, 25 Jan 2003 @ 5:53pm (-0500), Jan Schaumann wrote:

JS> wrote:
JS> > This morning I got Zoularis working on Debian 3.0.
JS> >
JS> >
JS> Excellent!  Thanks for the readme.  Debian is a bit difficult since it
JS> does a few things different than other Linux distributions.  We hope to
JS> get such problems solves elegantly in the future, so your help and
JS> feedback will be appreciated.
JS> > By the way, I see both:
JS> >
JS> >
JS> >
JS> > Is one of these efforts being kept more up to date than the other?
JS> Yes, bootstrap-pkgsrc is more up to date and will eventually obsolete
JS> Zoularis.

Yes, but there are some libtool problems w/ pkgsrc on [Redhat,Debian] Linux.
I'm going to chase them up as soon as my new motherboard gets in.


JS> Good luck with pkgsrc - let us know when you run into problems or fix
JS> some yourself! :-)
JS> -Jan
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JS> I seem to be having this tremendous difficulty with my lifestyle.

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