Subject: Re: xmms patch for raw cds
To: Sean Davis <>
From: Perry E. Metzger <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/11/2003 02:16:53
Sean Davis <> writes:
> So since the 'majority' will be using cd0, the minority gets ignored
> and has to go out of their way to fix it?

Right now, the thing points at nothing sane.

With Simon's patch, it will point at something reasonable.

Lets not put in Simon's patch, then, because it is obviously superior
to have things utterly screwed up.

> why can't there be an mk.conf define for default
> cdrom device, and if it's not defined, *THEN* default to cd0?

Because people are supposed to download binary packages and thus don't
have mk.conf impacting their defaults in their binaries?

However, I have no objections to an mk.conf variable IN ADDITION to
simon's patch, which overrides the default CD device, if YOU are
willing to write the code to do it. Simon should not be stopped from
committing his code, though. His code is strictly better than what we
have now.

Perry E. Metzger