Subject: Re: too many fork ...
To: None <>
From: julien Touche <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/30/2003 18:14:04
Roland Dowdeswell wrote:
> What the posters were trying to say is that you have a limit on
> the number of processes which is enforced by the system.  You have
> set that limit too low for pkgsrc to work.  You need to increase
> this limit to a number which allows pkgsrc to work.
> To limit the processes that pkgsrc uses is twofold.  Firstly, pkgsrc
> uses a lot of recursive make invocations to do its work.  And the
> pkgsrc system also invokes the 3rd party build mechanism which will
> fork an unknown number of times.
> Although it would be possible to reduce the number of children that
> pkgsrc creates before it invokes the 3rd party build systems a
> little bit, to seriously limit it would involve a serious restructure
> of the system because of the aforementioned recursive nature of
> it.
> A short term strategy would be to manually build some of the
> dependencies yourself since this would not recurse so much.

thanks, it was the conclusion i arrived.
As i'm not root, i can't change the limit.