Subject: gettext build error on Darwin 6.3 (OSX 10.2.3)
To: NetBSD Packages Technical Discussion List <>
From: Sean J. Schluntz <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/21/2003 21:11:06
Greetings, had to rebuild the laptop recently and have run in to 
a problem trying get gettext to build.  I ran in to this before
but was able get around it by using an older copy of the pkgsrc
tree, this time I don't have it available.

Any ideas why this error is coming up? (btw, this is a second run
of bmake, so it jumps right to the point that errors out).

===> Building for gettext-0.11.5nb1
bmake  all-recursive
Making all in doc
Making all in lib
/bin/sh ../libtool --mode=link cc  -g -I/usr/pkg/include   -L/usr/pkg/lib -o -rpath /usr/pkg/lib -release 0.11.5  -lc argmatch.lo backupfile.lo addext.lo  basename.lo c-ctype.lo copy-file.lo error.lo execute.lo  findprog.lo fstrcmp.lo full-write.lo gcd.lo getopt.lo  getopt1.lo hash.lo javacomp.lo javaexec.lo linebreak.lo  localcharset.lo mbswidth.lo obstack.lo concatpath.lo  pipe-bidi.lo pipe-in.lo pipe-out.lo progname.lo safe-read.lo  sh-quote.lo stpncpy.lo strtoul.lo tmpdir.lo wait-process.lo  xerror.lo xmalloc.lo xstrdup.lo xsetenv.lo stpcpy.lo getline.lo -L/usr/pkg/lib -Wl,-R/usr/pkg/lib -lintl -liconv
libtool: link: warning: `/Volumes/ufs/pkgsrc/devel/gettext/work/.buildlink/lib/' seems to be moved
cc -dynamiclib -flat_namespace -undefined suppress -o .libs/libgettextlib-0.11.5.dylib  .libs/argmatch.o .libs/backupfile.o .libs/addext.o .libs/basename.o .libs/c-ctype.o .libs/copy-file.o .libs/error.o .libs/execute.o .libs/findprog.o .libs/fstrcmp.o .libs/full-write.o .libs/gcd.o .libs/getopt.o .libs/getopt1.o .libs/hash.o .libs/javacomp.o .libs/javaexec.o .libs/linebreak.o .libs/localcharset.o .libs/mbswidth.o .libs/obstack.o .libs/concatpath.o .libs/pipe-bidi.o .libs/pipe-in.o .libs/pipe-out.o .libs/progname.o .libs/safe-read.o .libs/sh-quote.o .libs/stpncpy.o .libs/strtoul.o .libs/tmpdir.o .libs/wait-process.o .libs/xerror.o .libs/xmalloc.o .libs/xstrdup.o .libs/xsetenv.o .libs/stpcpy.o .libs/getline.o  -L/Volumes/ufs/pkgsrc/devel/gettext/work/.buildlink/lib -lc -L/usr/pkg/lib -lintl -liconv -lc  -install_name  /usr/pkg/lib/libgettextlib-0.11.5.dylib 0.0
cc: 0.0: No such file or directory
*** Error code 1

bmake: stopped in /Volumes/ufs/pkgsrc/devel/gettext/work/gettext-0.11.5/lib
*** Error code 1