Subject: Mesa and friends
To: None <>
From: Jan Schaumann <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/21/2003 18:37:29

As discussed previously, I've been working on the Mesa update to 5.0.

This entailed:

o  creating a clean chroot for a clean pkgsrc tree
o  apply patches from PR pkg/19302 to update Mesa and friends to 5.0
o  move Mesa,glu,glut to LOCALBASE, so they can be installed regardless
   of XF version
o  bump PKGREVISION on all packages including Mesa*,glu,glut buildlinks
o  only include Mesa/ if the package requires all three of
   MesaLib, glu and glut - else only include the necessary buildlink2s.
o  verify they compile/run with both Mesa version 3.4.2 and 5.0
o  verify that they only depend on Mesa-5.0 et al if MESA_REQD=5.0

The patch at is the

All packages build and function fine with either version.  The GL, GLU
and GLUT APIs seem to be fully backwards compatible, which is good news.

I was unable to test emulators/rewind -- I don't have any windows apps.
I was unable to test emulators/wine -- I don't have any windows apps.
I was unable to test games/quake -- I don't have the quake maps.
I was unable to test games/quake6 -- I don't have the quake apps.
They all compile fine, though, with either version.

misc/molden compiles fine, but I can't test it, due to the license.

graphics/gtkglext doesn't compile with either version currently.

The Mesa*,glu buildlinks should check for MESA_REQD >= 3.4.2.  I was
unable to determine an efficient way to match the version numbers, so I
just match for 5.x.

I'd like to have as many people as possible review and test this patch.
All suggestions, corrections and improvements are appreciated.


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