Subject: Re: Why are packages ever installed to /usr/X11R6?
To: Eric Gillespie <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/19/2003 21:36:45
[ On Sunday, January 19, 2003 at 20:24:05 (-0500), Eric Gillespie wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: Why are packages ever installed to /usr/X11R6?
> "Greg A. Woods" <> writes:
> > Hmm... As far as I can tell most or all of the packages you list _need_
> > to be in /usr/X11R6 (for the very same reason that there is a /usr/X11R6
> > in the first place, and for the reasons I've already given).
> I really don't know what to say to this.  You are wrong.  I
> suppose you have not checked or checked so long ago you have
> forgotten.  None of the apps i've been talking about need to be
> in /usr/X11R6, and not one of them installs there.  The only way
> these packages end up in /usr/X11R6 is because pkgsrc forces them
> there.

You're not paying attention to the reasons I've given.  All those X11
packages need to be in /usr/X11R6 for those reasons I've given.

Remember what I said too:  Not all of those reasons apply to all
scenarios for all people.

Perhaps you should go back through the tech-pkg (and/or current-users?)
archives and research why xpkgwedge is not the default in the first
place and why X11 packages were installed in /usr/X11R6 in the first

What you're essentially trying to say is that /usr/xsrc should not
install in /usr/X11R6, but rather directy into /usr (i.e. you're saying
that xterm should be in /usr/bin/xterm).   (yes, that's what you're
saying, even if you don't thinks so, and/or don't agree! :-)

Remember X11R6 is an add-on package -- it just happens not to be
installed via pkgsrc (at least not yet and not always), and all of it's
own add-ons (things which are related to it, or which use its libraries,
etc.) have to be installed in its special $PREFIX (i.e. in /usr/X11R6),
not in the default prefix for other non-X11 packages.

Like I just said in the last message, if I had created xpkgwedge for
when I wanted to keep all my packages in a separate hierarchy I would
have caused it to put all my X11 add-ons in some directory like
/usr/pkg/X11R6/{bin,lib,etc} or maybe /usr/X11R6/pkg/{bin,lib,etc}.

However for now on systems where I keep packages in a separate hierarchy
I just deal with the necessity of having to install xpkgwedge before
anything else and I don't really care to keep add-on X11 stuff separate
from other add-on stuff.

For my production systems though I install all non-X11 packages in /usr
and all X11 packages in /usr/X11R6 -- i.e. as if they were native OS
components, and for now I jump through some extra hoops to make sure no
add-on files conflict with base OS files.

Soon though I hope to create fake packages for the base OS files and
then fix pkg_add to prevent conflicts.  When that happens I may just
install all X11 stuff directly into /usr, though still the other reasons
I mentioned early in this thread may cause me to keep this one hierarchy
separate (i.e. the confusion and performance issues caused by mixing
un-usable X11 stuff into the path of non-X11 users).

								Greg A. Woods

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