Subject: MusixTeX package testers wanted
To: None <>
From: Dave <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/18/2003 21:57:27
I need some people who:

1) Have MusixTeX correctly working on some machine, preferably other than

2) Have some understanding up the underworkings of TeX.

Please download and give
it a spin.  The sheet music produced tends to look much less than stellar
and most of the example .tex files found in
won't compile without manual help (like typing "/bye").  Take a look and
tell me what you think, what could be done better, and so on.  I suspect
some of the nastiness can be blamed on not using the Postscript type1
fonts.  I'll add that as a dependent package, but I thought I ought to
give what I have now some exposure.

Note: don't try to compile stones.tex (the Ultima theme).  I talked to the
guy who made that file and he doesn't seem to remember how he compiled it
in the first place.  I plan to investigate this later.

David Griffith