Subject: pine shouldn't need imap and pop servers
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/16/2003 12:20:35
The pkgsrc/mail/pine package depends on mail/imap-uw
which installed imapd and pop3d and more.

I believe it should only need c-client software.

So I made a mail/libc-client package. It is based on imap-uw.

(This could be done with OpenBSD ports flavours -- where one port can
generate several packages, but this is okay too.)

And I have the pine using mail/libc-client/ instead.

Any ideas on how someone could have pine (using libc-client) and imap-uw
installed at same time? (Since they both have same library and header

Or should I make imap-uw not build the c-client code again -- and just
depend on my mail/libc-client/ instead?

Also, the imap-uw/DESCR says:
"The Pine mail program includes an IMAP4 client driver ..."
But I think it doesn't, because it uses imap-uw's version. Can someone
explain this?

On a related note, pine under Linux uses -lpam and -lncurses, but no
dependencies for these. I will send another email about this.

   Jeremy C. Reed