Subject: Re: where are MACHINE_ARCH and LOWER_ARCH defined?
To: None <>
From: Jan Schaumann <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/13/2003 22:04:34
"Jeremy C. Reed" <> wrote:
> > LOWER_ARCH:= ${LOWER_ARCH:C/i[4-9]86/i386/}
> > MACHINE_ARCH:= ${MACHINE_ARCH:C/i[4-9]86/i386/}
> Then, my LOWER_ARCH was not being set.

Yes, this is b/c LOWER_ARCH is, on Linux not set at this point in time.
MACHINE_ARCH, on the other hand, is defined in bmake, so this one does
not need to be checked first.  I shuffled it around a bit.


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