Subject: Re: Package Question
To: None <>
From: Klaus Heinz <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/08/2003 23:58:42
Jeff Flowers wrote:
> I was wondering what a user should do if he notices that an application
> in pkgsrc is behind the release of an application? For instance, Nano in

The NetBSD pkgsrc team is probably not able to follow _every_ new
release of 3000+ software packages. Suggestions like the one you mention
are welcome, the more so if you invest a little of your time and make
  1) It's not already mentioned in the pkgsrc/doc/TODO file,
  2) there seems to be no problem report about the new version (in this
     case it should better be called a 'Request For Package Update' :-)
  3) the new version is hopefully as stable as the last one.
     According to the file pkgsrc/Packages.txt 
       'We prefer to be conservative in the packages that are included
        in pkgsrc - development or beta packages are not really the
        best thing for most places in which pkgsrc is used.'

If those 3 conditions apply you can make your suggestion via send-pr(1)
or through the web form on

> In these instances, is it even proper for a user (with no programming
> ability what-so-ever) to say anything? Obviously, I would love to have

It's in no way required to have 'programming abilities' as a
prerequisite for making suggestions for updates or new packages.