Subject: configure options and oddities
To: None <>
From: Joe Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/08/2003 09:05:03

i am working to fix the editors/vim-kde package andhave discovered something 
odd.  The reason why the package errors out after askign for a motif library, 
is that the ${WRKSRC}/Makefile has a config target, which it runs before 
building.  this overwrites the pkgsrc make configure  This target does not 
look at ${CONFIGURE_ARGS} so it doesn't bother finding kde.

i am wondering the bast way to fix this.

1)i can submit a patchfor ${WRKSRC}/Makefile which will uncomment the proper 
options so when pkgsrc runs teh make all target, it'll reconfigure itself 
properly.  But this will make the pkgsrc configure target worthless.

2)perhaps change the pkgsrc configure target to execute a `make config` in 
${WRKSRC}  i don't know how to do this though.  perhaps someone more 
pkgsrc-savvy can help out.

3)can patch ${WRKSRC}/Makefile to not execute teh configure target when the 
all target is chosen.  I tried this, but got a bunch of linker errors.  i can 
try and figure them out, but i am thinking perhaps a better way is to use the 
configure that is published with the system.

what are your thoughts/comments/suggestions?