Subject: Re: Another Fix Needed For Mac OS X pkgsrc
To: Randy Beaudreault <>
From: Frank Cusack <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/06/2003 20:50:21
On Mon, Jan 06, 2003 at 08:14:18PM -0800, Randy Beaudreault wrote:
> [...]
> >  > `/Volumes/NetBSD/pkg/man/man1/ncftpls.1'
> >
> >Did you verify the files were actually installed into the right
> >location? because pkg_create doesn't seem to think so...
> Yes I did check that out.  The man pages are in pkg/share/man/man1.
> >  > As you can see, the install of ncftp3 ran into trouble when
> >>  pkg_create went to stat the man files for ncftp3.  Is this related to

pkgsrc currently uses a static location for manpages (${PREFIX}/man).
ncftp's configure probably detects that share/man is the correct location
on your platform, so you have a mismatch.  I am working up a patch to
use $PKGMANDIR, much like $PKGLOCALEDIR works.

Locally, I've brute forced it by changing the PLIST from man to share/man,
but that's not a good solution.  (I've built < 10 packages though)

The patch is actually easy; add a PKGMANDIR definition to each
defs.${OPSYS}.mk.  Then add
in  Then each package's PLIST needs to be be updated to use
${PKGMANDIR}.  The PLIST change and the change have to happen
together, so it's a fairly large change in terms of the number of files
that have to change.  Alternatively, could contain some logic
to not set the mandir if the PLIST hasn't been updated, but that seems
to me to be too much overhead for the sake of a slow "migration".  And
the final product will look kludgy.

hmm.. I guess I won't submit a patch, the above is enough info for
one of the maintainers to go with it.