Subject: README.html and old target cleanup
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/05/2003 19:11:03
I've recently committed some changes to the README.hmtl generation targets
which provide a large speedup.  Doing a top level 'make readme' in
/usr/pkgsrc should now be about 300x faster. 

Doing a 'make readme' in for a single package (/usr/pkgsrc/foo/bar) varies
from about 2x faster for a package with no dependencies to 400x faster or
so for gnome.  In general, the more intersecting dependencies, the more
the speedup.

As part of this work, the 'binpkg-list' target in which was
formerly used by the README.html generation is no longer used.  I'd like
to garbage collect it but thought I'd see if anyone uses it for other
purposes first.


ps.  for those who have asked, 'make index' is next on the hit list for a