Subject: Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/x11/gtk2-engines
To: Eric Gillespie <>
From: Nick Hudson <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/05/2003 13:04:39
On Sunday 05 January 2003 12:54 am, Eric Gillespie wrote:
> Thomas Klausner <> writes:
> > I just made it use our libtool instead of the included one;
> > the .a files were then created automatically.
> Hmm.  I looked more closely and see that it is indeed passing
> -module to libtool.  It was my understanding that this (among
> other things) turned off building the static archive.  I checked
> a Debian system and none of the plugins have corresponding
> static archives.  But i checked /usr/pkg/lib/gtk/themes/engines
> on NetBSD and see that it also has the static archives.
> Is this a bug in the pkgsrc libtool or am i just missing something?

Its not a bug its a feature. gtk2-engines builds its own copy of libtool 
--disable-static we build pkgsrc/devel/libtool-base --enable-static.