Subject: attn evolution users: updated mail/evolution (1.2.0) and
To: None <>
From: Brian A. Seklecki <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/14/2002 07:55:06
[No joke, as I'm composing this e-mail, Evolution 1.2.1 was released!]

I've posted updates to:

pkgsrc/mail/evolution -- 1.0.8 -> 1.2.0
pkgsrc/www/gtkhtml -- 1.0.1 -> 1.1.7 

It didn't seem very efficient to post a large amount of diffs, so I just
posted tarballs of the pkgsrc subdirs:

MD5 (llnbsd_evolution_1.2.0_beta1.tar.bz2) =
MD5 (llnbsd_gtkhtml_1.1.7_beta1.tar.bz2) =

PLEASE TEST THEM >:}'s messy to say the least, but it compiles and runs just fine (see
x-mailer header on this message).  Please keep in mind that this is a 12
meg bz2-tarball that extracts to over 15 meg.

The work/ subir grows to over 108 meg during a build. Total install size
is rediculous. If I'm going to do any more work on this, I will need
access to a faster machine. It's just not prudent to test builds on my
3xx Mhz machine.

*) The PLISTs need updated, but I need to read through Packages.txt to
see if there's an automated way to do this
*) I didn't test gtkhtml v1.1 against any other apps except
pkgsrc/news/pan, which seems fine
*) Upgrading profiles didn't go smoothly for me, I ended up blowing away
everything in ~/evolution and ~/.gnome* related to evolution...I'm
curious if that was just
a me-thing.
*) Some patches were depreciated in the new version as a result of
reorganization (a lot has changed) and were removed 
*) gtkhtml didn't need any patches to build, but some could be added to
fix warnings
*) Other patches needed manually regenerated by hand
*) Several more patches are needed to fix build/runtime _WARNINGS_
*) A lot of CVS $Id$ tags need regenerated
*) I had some other notes but I lost them when my machine froze during a
*) This package is rediculous, but i'll troll while i'm dreaming, enjoy
and good night.