Subject: Re: Why do things just break without warning?
To: Martin Husemann <>
From: Paul <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/07/2002 00:02:53

I learnt the hard way recently about "make update".  Some
interesting advice I was given was the following:
[hope he doesn't mind me repeating this , but it's public
domain in the archives now anyway.]

   "make update" is dangerous, basically.  useful, but dangerous...

one thing i do to avoid potential lossage is to use "pkg_tarup" (see
pkgsrc/pkgtools) on all the packages i see related to the one that
i wanted to upgrade, including dependancies, etc., of all the packages
this package depends on.  that way i have a binary package of the
things i need should i need to update stuff.

another related trick is to pkg_tarup the packages that also depend
on this packages depends, pkg_delete them, update, and pkg_add the
other packages back - this should work in nearly all cases (ones that
won't are when, eg, a shared library major is bumped.)

all these technique's are my own and are probably not well endorsed
by the pkgsrc team :-)

Personally I take this to mean just do pkg_delete  and then
make  and make install to get the pkg wanted. This way you
don't lose all your binaries. make update does "everything".

hope this helps,

Martin Husemann wrote:

> So I started an innocent "make update" on one of my machines, ended up picking
> up the latest and greatest png stuff ... and finaly had a completly unuseable
> system again.
> Great.
> Apparently the meta pkg "gnome" had been moved. Pkgsrc did not deal with this
> at all. Ok, after some digging around I found out what happened and started
> another update in meta-pkgs/gnome. This broke, since xchat has been split
> into xchat-gnome and whatever. No big deal, I just deleted it and fired up
> the update again.
> I have most of my pkgs reinstalled now (only about 8 hours later), but still
> can't log into my system the usual way - someone apparently decided we need
> to move a few directories around. Now it's no longer /usr/X11R6/etc/gnome
> (sure, looks wrong), but /var/gnome (sure looks wrong too).
> Maybe I'm blind, but I can't find any notice of this, no message displayed, no
> heads up - but maybe I'm just looking at the wrong places.
> So what's the deal? You don't realy want me to ln -s /usr/X11R6/etc /var/gnome ?
> Martin