Subject: Re: bzip2 instead of gzip for 'make package' / pkg_add(8)
To: None <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/05/2002 19:23:12
[ On , December 5, 2002 at 17:32:18 (-0500), Brian A. Seklecki wrote: ]
> Subject: bzip2 instead of gzip for 'make package' / pkg_add(8)
> Now that the whole tar(1) -> pax(1) conversion has blown over (well, at
> least the thread is dead), what are the chances of switching the package
> system from gzip to bzip2?  Make it the default with of course all the
> backward compat hacks for conversion transparency.

I presume you're talking primarily about packing binary packages, right?

> cons:
> *) performance impacts

How big are the performance impacts for tar/cpio/etc. archives
containing primarily binary images?  It might be interesting to compare
with with good old-fasioned Unix Compress too.

How does performance for such archives compare across various commonly
used NetBSD hardware architectures?

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