Subject: Re: my pkgsrc/www/mozilla-1.1nb1 and phoenix-0.4 builds are "suddenly" failing....
To: Oleg Polyanski <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/04/2002 01:56:56
[ On Wednesday, December 4, 2002 at 11:51:54 (+1300), Oleg Polyanski wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: my pkgsrc/www/mozilla-1.1nb1 and phoenix-0.4 builds are "suddenly"  failing....
>   Mozilla comes with an in-tree copy of an LDAP client library,
>   which causes a conflict during the compilation with the locally
>   installed `openldap' package, they happen to define same
>   constants, prototypes etc in portions of their client API. It has
>   always been like that, may be it has only recently been fixed in
>   our build scripts - can't remember if I removed the `openldap'
>   package when I was rebuilding `mozilla' and `phoenix' last time.

I can't see anything recent or semi-recent (i.e. since I last built
either mozilla or phoenix) that could account for the "sudden"
collision with openldap.  (surely the pthread changes don't cause it?)

Never the less, you're absolutely right:  mozilla will now only build
after de-installing openldap (and pine, and so on).  I am now happily
building mozilla again on the same pair of machines where I had built it
before and I expect the phoenix re-build will go equally well.

This is a pretty serious bug I'd say -- except on my static-only systems
there's no way I can de-installing openldap just so that I can build
mozilla or one of its derivatives.

Presumably someone is already looking at mozilla-1.2.1.  Hopefully this
can be resolved for this next upgrade.  I sure don't want to be the one
to dig into the mozilla build to try and figure this out though -- it's
a little too big and ugly in there for me!

In the mean time I guess the best I can do is submit a patch with a new
CONFLICTS entry....

								Greg A. Woods

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