Subject: Re: my pkgsrc/www/mozilla-1.1nb1 and phoenix-0.4 builds are "suddenly"
To: Greg A. Woods <>
From: Oleg Polyanski <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/04/2002 11:51:54
>>>>> "Greg" == Greg A Woods writes:

 >> Subject: Re: my pkgsrc/www/mozilla-1.1nb1 and phoenix-0.4 builds are
 >> "suddenly" failing....
 >> >>>>> "Greg" == Greg A Woods writes:
 >> Uninstall the `openldap' package, compile the LDAP related code
 >> in mozilla/phoenix, then reinstall OpenLDAP again. `pkg_tarup'
 >> is your friend here.

  Mozilla comes with an in-tree copy of an LDAP client library,
  which causes a conflict during the compilation with the locally
  installed `openldap' package, they happen to define same
  constants, prototypes etc in portions of their client API. It has
  always been like that, may be it has only recently been fixed in
  our build scripts - can't remember if I removed the `openldap'
  package when I was rebuilding `mozilla' and `phoenix' last time.

 Greg> Huh?  How's that supposed to work?

 Greg> There's no CONFLICTS saying that mozilla et al won't install
 Greg> with OpenLDAP already installed.

 Greg> If there should be a CONFLICTS then that doesn't explain how
 Greg> I've built nearly a half-dozen different versions of each of
 Greg> the various mozillas and their variants with OpenLDAP
 Greg> installed (2.0.23 it was).

 Greg> It also doesn't explain why I do a "cd /usr/pkgsrc && cvs
 Greg> update" and suddenly encounter the error where there was none
 Greg> before.