Subject: GnuPG and GCC optomization bugs
To: None <,>
From: Jon Buller <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/30/2002 19:03:15
To follow up on my message about problems with GnuPG on a -current
system, I now have gnupg passing all it's tests.  (I didn't run
them all before, but it failed on decrypt, sigs and encrypt.) The
one difference (and the only one I can think of) was commenting
out these lines in /etc/mk.conf:

     CFLAGS+= -pipe -mcpu=supersparc
     CXXFLAGS+= -pipe -mcpu=supersparc

So either -pipe or -mcpu=supersparc will break GnuPG in a big way.
(This is an SS20 system, so -mcpu=supersparc should be OK with my
SM81 SuperSparc II processor...)  I'll bet it's the supersparc flag
doing the damage.  I'm hoping that GCC 3.x will have these fixed
and Jason completes the GCC update soon.  If I get a bit more time,
I will probably grab GCC-current and give it a try on this...
(I've been meaning to find out if it can deal with CLISP better
than 2.95.3 does also.)