Subject: Re: bulk builds & dependency handling still broken
To: Hubert Feyrer <>
From: None <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/29/2002 14:04:18
On Fri, 29 Nov 2002, Hubert Feyrer wrote:

> Dan,
> can you have a look at this one:
> It seems that there is still something fishy WRT depends in the bulk
> builds. This is with latest tools from -current, but why do pth and gmake
> not exist? I'd say they should, no?

looking at your .order.yui file, I see on line #2286:
and pth is on line #1649 and gmake on #907 so pth and gmake should have
been built first.

in .depends.yui, I see

audio/aumix depends on:  x11/gtk devel/glib devel/pth devel/libtool-base 
pkgtools/x11-links devel/gmake lang/perl5

so pth and gmake are properly listed

in .index.yui I see:

devel/pth          pth-1.4.1nb2
devel/gmake          gmake-3.79.1nb1
audio/aumix          aumix-2.7
x11/gtk          gtk+-1.2.10nb3

Not looking at the logs, I see some strange things:

BULK> warning:  /usr/cvs.local/pkgsrc/packages/i386/All/pth-1.4.1nb2.tgz
does not exist.  It will be rebuilt.
then later

===> Required installed package pth>=1.4.1nb5: pth-1.4.1nb5 found

So the question is why do you have pth-1.4.1nb2 listed in your .index
file if nb5 is the pkgsrc version?  It seems that 1.4.1nb5 in the pkgsrc
version because of the
===> Cleaning for pth-1.4.1nb5
line I see.

BULK> warning:
/usr/cvs.local/pkgsrc/packages/i386/All/gmake-3.79.1nb1.tgz does not
exist.  It will be rebuilt.

same comment here, looks like you have gmake-3.80 in pkgsrc

Are your


files up to date?  Ie, are their creation times nearly the same as the
build start time (.start.yui probably).

Whats in your build.conf?  Do you have the correct setting for USR_PKGSRC?