Subject: change order of buildlink2 transform sed commands
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/27/2002 00:02:04
My LOCALBASE is /usr

So the created .transform.sed may not work correctly for converting
/usr/X11R6 to work/.buildlink-x11.

I noticed this with graphics/imlib, which didn't build everything because
gdk_imlib was disabled, because the configure test ended up using
work/.buildlink/X11R6 which didn't exist.

I modified the imlib/work/.buildlink/bin/.transform.sed so the expressions
for LOCALBASE (in my case /usr) were after the corresponding /usr/X11R6.
(And I moved the LOCALBASE-related sed commands to after /usr/lib too.)

This worked for me for building imlib.

Would it break anything for mk/buildlink2/ to be modified
to do the (just) LOCALBASE sed expressions after the other related

For example (using completed .transform.sed using /usr/pkg LOCALBASE):

s|-I/usr/X11R6[         ]$|-I_bUiLdLiNk_x11_dIr_ |g


s|-I/usr/pkg[   ]$|-I_bUiLdLiNk_dIr_ |g

   Jeremy C. Reed