Subject: Re: patches for different operating systems
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/25/2002 17:05:05
On Mon, 25 Nov 2002, Frederick Bruckman wrote:

> > Could it just say "Applying patches for ..."?
> Yeah, I guess so. It looks like a hold-over from before OS-specific
> patches were roundly despised.

I sent a send-pr with a patch for this.

> > Anyways, does anyone have any suggestions or can point me to few
> > examples of portable patches?
> >
> > For example, checking for OPSYS within Makefiles?
> "grep" is your friend.

I saw many examples. I should have waited for my grep to end before
sending email. But I was also looking for the porting/pkgsrc-izing
documentation (in regards to this).

> > I noticed this, because devel/popt's patch-ab is OPSYS specific. It forces
> > uses of -lintl, althought libintl is not needed for some operating
> > systems.
> Since "popt" uses "gmake", the syntax goes like this:

In this case, it appears that the popt configure already set a LIBINTL
variable which could be used. And I send-pr'd a patch for this too.

Thank you Frederick for your response and your examples.

   Jeremy C. Reed