Subject: Pkgtools with Zoularis/Pkgsrc on Mac OS X was Re: Pkgsrc on Mac OS X
To: None <>
From: Randy Beaudreault <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/24/2002 18:14:35
>I'm having some issues with the latest iteration of pkgsrc on Mac OS 
>X.  I'm trying to get it up and running but it fails as I attempt to 
>build pkgtools/pkg_install.  The problem lies in the references 
>used. As per this:
>===> Extracting for digest-20010807
>zsh: no such file or directory: /usr/pkg/sbin/pkg_info
>bmake is looking for pkg_info under /usr/pkg/sbin which doesn't 
>exist.  This is related to pkg not being /usr but under 
>/Volumes/NetBSD and, maybe, sbin/pkg_info not existing under 
>/Volumes/NetBSD/pkg.  How do I change the /usr/pkg directory 
>references to /Volumes/NetBSD/pkg globally so I don't run into this 
>issue again?

I found my answer.  It's called setting LOCALBASE=/Volumes/NetBSD/pkg 
in /etc/mk.conf.

Now I have a much bigger issue with things now.  I don't have the 
base package tools that come with NetBSD, pkg_add, pkg_admin, etc. 
since they didn't get installed with the Darwin bootstrap process. 
How can I install these on to Mac OS X?

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