Subject: Re: one-time custom configure args
To: Marton Fabo <>
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/21/2002 17:01:35
On Thu, 21 Nov 2002, Marton Fabo wrote:

> >>Can someone tell me what's the preferred way to add custom configure
> >>args for building an individual package, but without modifying
> >>/etc/mk.conf (so that it applies only that time)?
> >
> >
> > Um, pass things in the environment?
> You mean,
> CONFIGURE_ARGS=--my-arg make install clean ?
> Won't this clobber other settings?

No, because the environment is already set before "make" parses any
files. If you were to do it the other way, "make install
CONFIGURE_ARGS=...", it would clobber, because the command line
settings override unconditionally. Of course, for the first form to
have any effect at all, CONFIGURE_ARGS can only be set in the Makefile
with "+=", never "=", but I think most packages do that by now.

By the way, I never use "make install clean", but only "make package
&& make clean", or "make install && make clean". Combining pkgsrc'
top-level targets can lead to "undefined behavior".