Subject: Re: sun java 1.4.1 pkg
To: None <>
From: Rob Hoopman <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/19/2002 17:55:56
On Tue, 19 Nov 2002 09:40:50 -0500
Jan Schaumann <> wrote:

> Rob Hoopman <> wrote:
> > does anyone have any experience running sun-jre14 from pkgsrc? When I
> > try to run it, after a short time it always hangs using 100% cpu.
> 'always' as in "*always*, no matter what java program I run" or as in
> "always with this one program I have"?

Sadly, this is always, as in with any program I run*. If I run the some program twice it will not hang at the same point. NetBeans for example will sometimes hang immediately after hitting return and sometimes (very rarely) it gets as far as starting to draw some widgets. Most of the time it is somewhere in between.
When I ktrace it, all programs are always stuck at rt_sigsuspend().

*I would guess if I run a short "Hello World" type program it would be possible that it exits cleanly before it gets stuck, I haven't tried that yet.