Subject: Re: sun java 1.4.1 pkg
To: None <>
From: Rob Hoopman <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/19/2002 17:46:58
On Tue, 19 Nov 2002 11:53:45 +0100
Urban Boquist <> wrote:

> >>>>> Rob Hoopman writes:
> Rob> Hello, does anyone have any experience running sun-jre14 from
> Rob> pkgsrc? When I try to run it, after a short time it always hangs
> Rob> using 100% cpu.
> If you don't absolutely need some of the new features in 1.4 try
> sun-jre13, it works much better on NetBSD.
It's not so much the features, but for simple swing gui applications I noticed 1.4 to be noticably faster. 
A project I've been asked to work on is being developed using NetBeans, I was hoping using 1.4 would speed up things a bit, under 1.3 NetBeans is almost unbearably slow.


PS: With an excuse for Urban for spamming you off list with this message.