Subject: sun java 1.4.1 pkg
To: None <>
From: Rob Hoopman <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/19/2002 09:18:33
does anyone have any experience running sun-jre14 from pkgsrc? When I try to run it, after a short time it always hangs using 100% cpu.
The tail of a ktrace always looks like the one appended below.
Processor time is mostly spent on an ungodly amount of traps/pagefaults.
This is on i386/1.6 release.

Any hints appreciated.


 20954 java     CALL  mprotect(0xe000,0x3000,0)
 20954 java     RET   mprotect 0
 20954 java     CALL  rt_sigprocmask(0x2,0,0xbfbfb284,0x8)
 20954 java     RET   rt_sigprocmask 0
 20954 java     CALL  rt_sigsuspend(0xbfbfb284,0x8)
 20914 sh       PSIG  SIGINT caught handler=0x8055980 mask=() code=0x0
 20914 sh       RET   wait4 -1 errno 4 Interrupted system call
 20914 sh       CALL  __sigaction14(0x2,0xbfbfd404,0xbfbfd3ec)
 20914 sh       RET   __sigaction14 0
 20914 sh       CALL  __sigreturn14(0xbfbfd464)
 20914 sh       RET   __sigreturn14 JUSTRETURN
 20914 sh       CALL  wait4(0xffffffff,0xbfbfd54c,0,0)
 20954 java     PSIG  SIGINT caught handler=0x48076c00 mask=(33) code=0x0
 20954 java     RET   rt_sigsuspend -1 errno -4 Interrupted system call
 20954 java     CALL  sigreturn(0xbfbfb1dc)
 20954 java     RET   sigreturn -1 errno -2 No such file or directory
 20954 java     CALL  rt_sigsuspend(0xbfbfb284,0x8)