Subject: Re: gtar update ?
To: Manuel Bouyer <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/18/2002 12:31:49
On Sun, 17 Nov 2002, Manuel Bouyer wrote:

> could you tell me from where you got your patch-aa ?

I think it was based on patches from

Please note that this was discussed a little via PR 18578. Also a few
emails were exchanged off-list.

> No, it was done from the NetBSD's tar.1.
> I'll use the redhat man page enventually


> > Maybe gtar-info-1.12 isn't needed?
> No, we need two separate packages, because gtar is one of the first
> packages to install on Solaris, and texinfo isn't available yet.
> gtar-base shouldn't install the info file.

Thanks for the explanation.

> > It also installed libexec/grmt -- but no man page.
> This also should not be installed I think.

I don't use it. Maybe some do. Maybe another package.

   Jeremy C. Reed