Subject: Need help with package source
To: None <>
From: Frank DeChellis <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/13/2002 11:25:21

Sorry if this is very basic but I am going crazy and I can't see a problem.
I'm hoping it's something small and obvious.

I installed 1.6 on a new machine, downloaded the pkrsrc.tar.gz and unzipped
it.  when I go to install pkgtools/pkg_install it  says "You need to have
the text set installed to build this package"

When I go to build any other package it goes along but there are errors all
over pertaining to any directory under /usr/pkg and the last line is "Don't
know how to build /usr/..." the ... is different depending on what package I
am trying to build.

The permissions on /usr and the directories under it are 755

Is there anything I am supposed to do before I begin using the package tree?
I've done this before in older versions but something "ain't" clicking for
me with this install.

If you have any guidance or suggestions let me know.


Frank DeChellis, President
Internet Access Worldwide
3 East Main St.  Welland, ON, Canada