Subject: Licenses
To: None <>
From: Julio Merino <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/10/2002 13:49:10

I've just packaged PircBot, a java framework to write irc bots. Although,
I have some doubts about the license. Here is what its homepage says:

You may freely use PircBot to make your own IRC Bots. There are only the
following conditions that you must agree to:
- If you do make use of the PircBot package in any of your IRC Bots or
  Clients, it would be nice to receive an email saying what you are using
  it for or where it can be seen in use. Interesting submissions will
  then be included on this page. If you want to see you Bot appear on this
  page, then email the details to the email address at the bottom of this
- You may not distribute the PircBot package, or parts thereof, in a
  modified form without permission from the author. 
- If you document your IRC Bot on the web, it would be nice if you could
  create a hyperlink to this web page. 

The problematic point is the second one. Do I need to create a
pircbot-license file to be included inside the licenses/ subdirectory? Or
this is not needed?


Julio Merino ( <>