Subject: Re: getting clisp to build... please help!
To: Eric Gillespie <>
From: Paul NCC/CS <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/06/2002 00:32:44
thanks Eric,

Eric Gillespie wrote:

> Paul NCC/CS <> writes:
> > lewy# make
> > ===> Building for clisp-2.27
> > cd /mnt/raid/pkgsrc_153/lang/clisp/work/clisp-2.27/src/avcall && make
> > cd /mnt/raid/pkgsrc_153/lang/clisp/work/clisp-2.27/src/callback && make
> > cd vacall_r; make all
> > cd trampoline_r; make all
> > test -d bindings || mkdir bindings
> > builddir="`pwd`"; cd avcall && make && make check && make install-lib
> > libdir="$builddir" includedir="$builddir"
> > ./minitests > minitests.out
> > uniq -u < minitests.out > minitests.output.sparc--netbsdelf
> > test '!' -s minitests.output.sparc--netbsdelf
> > So it's the same problem to do with some sort of test on
> > minitests.output.sparc blah blah.
> > I wonder if this file has been created correctly by libtool?
> > I don't know.
> The file is being created (> unconditionally creates the file),
> but it is empty.  libtool has nothing to do with the problem
> (well not this minitests.out symptom anyway), the shell creates
> the file and uniq writes to it.
> What does the minitests.out file contain?  Is it also empty?

It's not empty, it has stuff like:
void f(void):
void f(void):
int f(void):->99
int f(void):->99
int f(int):(1)->2
int f(int):(1)->2
int f(2*int):(1,2)->3

minitests.output.sparc--netbsdelf  contains only a small
fraction of it after uniq:

Int f(Int,Int,Int):({1},{2},{3})->{6}
Int f(Int,Int,Int):({1},{2},{3})->{83448}
J f(J,int,J):({47,11},2,{73,55})->{120,68}
J f(J,int,J):({47,11},2,{73,55})->{83448,131072}

> What do you see when you change to that trampoline_r directory
> adn run ./minitests ?

all the above output that you see in minitests.out

> I know exactly nothing about clisp, but i thought i might help
> anyway.  Are you sure clisp actually works on sparc?


Yes it works on sparc but only the old version from 1.5.2.
I have this working now:). It had sig 11 faults due to too
small stacksize set by "limit".    I reset this and it built!

Regarding 1.5.3 clisp build I don't know. I hacked the make
file and took out the failing test and then it built and compiled
on for a while, but then core dumped in the next directory
it went to build in. So no good.

It's funny how the man page for uniq says:
-u      Don't output lines that are repeated in the input.

Which sounds to me as the function of uniq anyway:)?

So I took out the -u in the makefile so that it would
output unique lines only and it made a bigger file. Then
I took out the test as it still failed this. Then as I said
it compiled for a while longer before core dumping.

beyond this I don't know.


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