Subject: upgrade lossage
To: None <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/05/2002 15:02:39
this weekend, i nuked roughly 1/3 of the pkgs i had installed due to
them (or something on which they depended) being out of date.  most of
the rebuilds went smoothly, but i did hit a few bumps.

graphics/mencoder: the distinfo file needs regenerating[1] since
graphics/mplayer-share/patches/patch-aa has been changed.

x11/xscreensaver: the PLIST lists some files[2] that don't get
installed.  i also suspect that one of the "hacks" is causing my x
server to segv, but that's a separate issue.

devel/SDL: the file "include/SDL_syswm.h" seems to need a
"defined(__NetBSD__)" added to line 52[3] so that
graphics/avifile-devel will build.  sadly, graphics/alpa[6] still
won't build for me (the link fails), since[7] now seems
to require libXxf86vm.a (which i don't seem to have in a shared

net/ettercap: the build dies lacking some list manipulation macros[4].
we don't seem to have them at all, so i suspect that the kqueue import
altered a file or two sufficiently to cause the local sys/queue.h file
to get included early, which precludes the ettercap "copy" from being
included.  said file, of course, contains the missing macros.

chat/gaim: any emacs user will be dismayed to find that hitting
control-k in a chat window[5] no longer performs the equivalent of the
"kill-line" function, but instead pops up the "kolour picker".

i have patches to address [1] through [5] (and for the perl thing i
whined about a couple of weeks ago), but i figured i'd ask around for
anyone who had opinions on this before i churned ahead.

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