Subject: Re: pkgsrc for Linux net-tools
To: Johan Danielsson <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/31/2002 09:43:12
On 31 Oct 2002, Johan Danielsson wrote:

> > net-tools is a suite of standard tools for Linux networking.  This
> > includes ifconfig, route, netstat, hostname, arp and more.
> Maybe I'm stupid, but why do we need this in pkgsrc?

Yes, this is not needed in pkgsrc for NetBSD. But pkgsrc is also used for
non-NetBSD systems too.

The pkgsrc collection already contains fixes, work-arounds and
instructions for building and installing software under non-NetBSD

Nevertheless, I believe all packages (and the installed software) in the
pkgsrc collection also work under NetBSD too. Does anyone know of any
other non-NetBSD software in NetBSD's pkgsrc?

Note that the Zoularis webpage says "... NetBSD users often have to use
other operating systems. It allows them to use the same system to build
software that they are used to. Because of the way pkgsrc handles
dependencies between packages, it can be easier to use than other package

I hope to be able to use the same pkgsrc for a "complete"  non-NetBSD
operating system.

Does it matter if we have a couple pkgsrc entries for a few packages not
specific to NetBSD?

Does anyone have any comments about this?

   Jeremy C. Reed